THE 100th POST!!

Yes, Ladies and Germs! The rumours are true! This is indeed the momentous occasion that everyone has been waiting for! Well, maybe not everyone, but definitely people who know about this site. And me.

Yes, this does indeed mark the 100th post on this site, and it’s been a long road but I’ve made it this far, and with any luck the posts will only get better on here. But until that point, and since I can’t think of anything else to put, here are some cool and funny pictures for you people to enjoy!


My favourite place in the world for Halloween, ever.

OH, that stew was so gooooooooood..............

The only way it could be worse is if they were clowns as well...

Ooooh, I love XKCD

And Cyanide and Happiness


But above all I love Scott Pilgrim

Sooooo much!

Feel free to comment. Thanks for reading!

The Continuing Adventures of Myself – Part The Second

Monday 9th November: Attempts to make further plans for going out scuppered once again by my friends classes going on for two hours longer into the evening than expected, and for tomorrow as well. I’m starting to think that perhaps go-to, last-minute contingency plans might not be such a bad idea… But for now, there’s always cooking a meal and the big pile of ironing to sort me out for the evening. It’s no night out in the city, but fuck it, it’s got to be done sometime!! Productive day today, even if it was just intern-type research work. Which is essentially part of what I’m here to do, so I should really expect that! Possibility of some American TV for the evening, perhaps highlights of the Lakers game last night is on… Or House, I’m happy with either…

Tuesday 10th November: A mixture of curiosity, impatience and a wanting to explore got the better of me this evening, so I went to go look around the Howard Hughes Centre by myself for a couple of hours after getting back. The place itself is quite simple – mostly restaurants and a massive cinema. But there is also a Borders there with a coffee shop and free wi-fi, so until I can find a nice day to go and do work on Venice Beach when the weather will be right, that will be my “from home” workspot in future! Also, a little piece of advice for those that might otherwise be unaware: Restaurants here display their cleanliness rating in the windows, so if you see anywhere that doesn’t have one showing, or one less than a B, don’t bother. BUT, what I learned tonight was this – though a place may have been graded as an A, if it looks like it sells rubbish food then its likely that they will still serve you rubbish food, just in an exceptionally clean environment. So, choose wisely where you eat! Also managed to buy tickets to a midnight screening of New Moon, but it’s unallocated seating, so the guy said if it turns out that loads of fans in Edward Cullen T-shirts que for hours to get the good seats, I can return my tickets and go somewhere with better seating options! As for work, today was the polishing stage of the research, so new working projects are soon to come. Exciting stuff from adventurous days. Music sampling time now, closely followed by sleep time.

Wednesday 11th November: Basic day today, since my thirst for adventure was thoroughly quenched yesterday. Working on some new projects at work, so I’ve got plenty of reading, writing and research to be getting on with all of a sudden. But thats fine, because we’re not going in tomorrow, so I can set myself up somewhere decent and cozy outside of the house to work from instead. Hummus and pita for dinner? Why not? Minimum preparation, maximum hunger satisfaction, and its NOT a rubbish chicken bowl from a rubbish fast food restaurant with bleachy-clean floors! Happy times!! I don’t ask for much really… Anyway, simple night tonight, maybe some American TV if I can work out how their cable system works and don’t get annoyed by the adverts!

Thursday 12th November: I’m currently sat in a Borders coffee shop, with a massive blueberry scone and a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee (I know I’m in California – the Company is called “Seattle’s Best”, just to avoid confusion!), and working hard at my research. Today was meant to be a day when it rained, or was at least clouded over for the day. And they say that when it rains in California, it freaking POURS, so that worried me a bit. However, the operative word here is “meant” – I get outside, and there are a few light clouds in the sky, perhaps blocking the sun every so often, but not to a horrendous degree. Bright? Sunny? Still rather warm? Basically the English equivalent of a lovely spring day? If this is what a “rainy day” is like in California, that’s something I could quite happily deal with!! Ok, work time now, perhaps time for some burgers later at this good-looking place I saw on my way in. It has an “A” in the window, but lets keep our fingers crossed that it also reflects the food quality this time!! One month left already? Craziness…

Friday 13th November: No burgers last night, which totalled up to one very hungry Drew, but it’s ok because it got re-arranged to tonight, so either way I end up getting burgers! Didn’t feel like TOO much work got done today, but that’s also because a lot of the work today involved reading in preparation for working on Reality TV show treatments, and a lot more thought and preparation goes into writing the pitch, one-sheet and treatment for a Reality show than you’d think!! So, yes, I’m staying late at the office, which is something I’d never thought I’d say, but there you go. Mind you, it’s only really by comparison – the people I’m working with left an hour early to start their weekend, so I decided that I should stay and do a little more stuff before leaving and going for burgers… mmm… On another note, someone bought me a box of cereal from a health food store which is the equivalent of Health Food Lucky Charms. “Healthy” Lucky Charms SHOULD be an oxymoron, but the proof is in the testing of them, so as you wait with baited breath to hear the results, I shall be happily enjoying the experience!

Saturday 14th November: The so-called “Healthy” Option Lucky Charms turned out to be not too bad at all – not too far off from the original, but you can tell they’re not the same. Less marshmallows, and they’re not bright amusing colours either, which sometimes is part of the experience. But for the first-thing-in-the-morning sugar boost in your cereal, it definitely does the job, and if it’s organic foods then I’m counting that as a bonus!! Mission Successful then! Last night was great fun as well – my friend Jennifer and I went to Islands (which is the place that makes the great burgers) and had a really fun night out. I THINK I’m bringing her round to the idea of visiting England eventually, but it may take a bit more coaxing than one conversation! I introduced her to The Vitamin String Quartet as well, which she instantly liked, and I found that there are all these different things that we both like that I had no idea of before. It’s almost a shame I can’t find someone just like her at home, really!! Haha! But the night was very cool, and I look forward to another soon. Not the most productive of days today, though – I rode the public transport not too far up to the Westide Pavillion, a huge mall with a cinema and stuff alongside it as well. I love the place because there’s a Hot Topic store there, and that’s one of my favourite places to shop when I’m in the country! Plus, I can buy for a bunch of my friends there as well. So, although I haven’t really done too much that was productive today, I have got a good idea of a bunch of things I can get for people for Christmas, so I guess its not entirely bad. The people I’m staying with are having a dinner with friends and then taking all of them plus me to this Improvisation Comedy thing in Hollywood, so it should be interesting to see what that’s like and a good way to spend a Saturday night too. Trying to set up activities for tomorrow as well, so we’ll see what happens there as well. Mustn’t forget to buy food either, lest I starve this week…

Sunday 15th November: With my food for the rest of the week bought (mainly consisting of a SINGLE potato, pasta, sauce, deli-counter tuna salad and Oreos), I decided to go out and enjoy the brightness of the day today. Take a bus to Santa Monica? Enjoy the Third Street perhaps? No. I get distracted by a call from home and run out of time for any of that! Oh, well, sometime soon I’m sure. Decided instead to have an attempt at an evening of manliness, so I go round to the house of some friends of the family, where inside there lies a big screen TV with Hi-Def sports. So we watch the New England Patriots play the Indianapolis Colts (that’s American Football, for those who didn’t know. Like me.) and then watch the last bit of the L.A. Lakers get stomped by the Houston Rockets (that’s Basketball. If you didn’t know that, then that’s slightly more shameful.) which made for quite an entertaining evening. I feel all the manlier for it as well! The improv comedy last night was kind of fun – not the most amazing comedy in the world, but it was impressive how they take a single starting point and play off of each other for a full 40 minutes or so. so it was definitely fun to watch them create stuff out of nothing. Anyway, another week done with, another work week starts, so it’s back to the good stuff tomorrow! Also – the Premiere of New Moon is held somewhere in Los Angeles tomorrow, and I’ve heard it may not be too far away. So, with enough research and the right bus, I may be able to go past and see what it’s like…

The Continuing Adventures of Myself – Part The First

Tuesday 3rd November: So, part of what I’m doing out here is developing some of my skills which I would be likely to use professionally, in whatever kind of direction that would take me, and part of that includes working on my writing even more than what I’m doing now. It’s like with anything you want to be good at – practise, practise, practise. You want to learn an instrument? You don’t just read a book, then take a lesson, and then get good over night. It takes work, and lots of it. I found that out after a while with my vocal lessons when my tutor caught onto the fact that I might not have been practising, and then when I did start doing more, I was picking up more stuff a lot more quickly. So, like I said, part of what I’m doing out here on my extended trip to Los Angeles, California is working on all the things that I want to use to make a career, and one of those is writing, in whatever form that may come in, whether its creative writing, lyrics, articles, whatever. This means, therefore, that I shall be doing a little bit of a journal everyday as part of this challenge. Nothing major, just a little little bit everyday.

So, to start, something new I discovered today – for all the usefulness and inexpensiveness of California’s public transport, and for how clean and majoritively tramp-free they are, there is always likely to be a problem. Today, I discovered that problem, and it came in the form of one bus I really needed to get not coming. At ALL. A half an hour goes by, I’m still waiting for it to come and by now its past 15 minutes since it was due and I’m now 5/10 minutes late. My plan of action now? Say “Fuck this” and walk the over-a-fucking-mile to the place I’m working. In the midday sun. Carrying almost my entire computer supplies. My reward later on in the day? A big cake/cookie thing called a Snickerdoodle!! SCORE!! And the world is balanced once again! Day out of the office tomorrow, and the plan WAS to find a Starbucks somewhere and do work, but I might need to make calls so I’ll probably be staying in instead. No beach/work/cappuccino combination for me tomorrow then!

Wednesday 4th November: Not much to say. Worked and researched from the house, have been outside for a total of 10 minutes to get some fresh air after getting cabin fever over being inside. Was meant to go out and explore a place called The Howard Hughes Centre (big massive shopping place with restaurants and a huge Imax cinema), but people cancelled. Bad times. Perhaps tomorrow will bring better prospects, who knows?

Friday 6th November: No entry yesterday, I know. “Better prospects” fell asleep when they got in from work and then overslept, even after I texted them, so instead my evening was occupied with other activities. For instance – ever wondered what happens to a BLT sandwich when you forget about it for 2 weeks? Neither have I, but I found out all the same. One bag scrub, and a bunch of clothes ironing later, and it’s already evening, so no time for even 1 episode of The Mighty Boosh! Still, today has fared better – work has been somewhat completed (minus the polishing-up), and adventures a-plenty tonight as I stay round friend’s/people-I’m-working-for’s house for an early start to a recording session tomorrow, which I’ve been invited to sit in on. Outlook for the rest of the weekend after? Sketchy, with a chance of clarity later tomorrow. Stay tuned, good people.

Saturday 7th November: What a previous 24 hours that was!! Stayed at friend’s house last night, and watched films till about 1.30 am, before finally crashing out on a bed-on-the-floor which had never felt so comfortable, woke up to a breakfast of chicken-sausages and swiss cheese eggs (which, by the way, has been the best breakfast I’ve had since getting here if you don’t include Lucky Charms!), and then spent the entire day in a recording studio recording a song to be used in a low-budget film the head of the facility I’m working at is involved in! The studio belonged to a man named Bruce Hanifan, who has actually written and recorded loads of music and scores for shows like Ice Road Truckers and won awards for them, but his studio is set up in a converted garage in his back garden, which is amazing when yousee how professional it is! The song was, as everyone admits, a cover of a stupid little song that the band 10cc made eons ago called Neanderthal Man, but part of doing a cover is that you do your own thing with it, and these guys bloody nailed it!! Layered, harmonised vocals; gang singalongs; jazzy bass solos; the lot! It was awesome just to witness, but then to be able to be involved in it as was even more amazing! So, today was my first time singing in an actual recording studio and I think its something I could easily get used to!! Also, I worked with an amazingly gorgeous girl named Sarah, who apparently is a very talented singer-songwriter/actress/model in her native Germany, and is on her way to being kinda famous, so I’ll be watching the presses closely! Went for proper, no-nonsense sushi afterwards and I got a proper, no-nonsense blast of wasabi to the back of my sinuses. Also tried “oni”, which is sea urchin. Personally, after trying it once I won’t recommend it – it’s sort of what I picture brains feeling and tasting like. Oh well, lesson learned! Anyway, that’s enough for now, shattered, need sleep, more plans for tomorrow and the day after as well.

Sunday 8th November: Adventures come in all sizes. I found that out today in the form of a simple outing to get some essentials for the fridge. A simple excursion to the local supermarket? No, more like getting severe culture shock in a crowded area!! Only in America can you walk into a supermarket and be greeted with a Starbucks right by the door, and trollies that have coffee cup holders. Not only that, but the mentality of having all sorts of choices gets taken to extremes here. For instance, how many kinds of peanut butter can you think of? Smooth and crunchy, right? No. Try Honey Roasted Peanut Butter, or Almond Butter, etc etc, but all can be found at a station that actually PRESSES the nuts into the paste/butter for you in a deli-style tub that you then pay for. Not only that, but in some supermarkets like the one I went to, there are fast food chains in the MIDDLE of the store, like a half-way point of doing your shopping – Getting tired of hauling those bags of milk and bread around? Stop at the Panda Express Chinese Food in the centre of the shop! Craziness… Also, if you come over here and are looking to buy a fresh can of anti-perspirant spray, don’t bother, as apparently it’s borderline illegal and they only use the horrible anti-perspirant sticks here. Regular deodorant spray is it, then! Anyway, apart from that, it was a pretty chilled day. Spoke to loads of friends today, which was awesome to see how they were all doing, and then went to some friends of the family’s house for an evening of chilli and sports, which I wouldn’t mind spending most of my Sunday’s doing as it’s a pretty good combination! Back to the interning tomorrow, hopefully some more exploration in the evening. One week done with already? Where does it all go?!

Tales From The Road

So, after being on some travels, I have returned to find that not too much has changed. Which, sometimes, is a good thing to have, that little bit of the world that doesn’t change. Still, it would have been nice after spending a week away in Spain to come home and not be immediately greeted with the sight of dark clouds and wet weather!! But, thats Britain, and it reminds you why you go on holiday to begin with!

Spain was an adventure though, it’s nice when you can so somewhere and not feel like a “tourist” or a “holidaymaker” in the stereotypical sense. We were actually able to experience a lot of cool things, like eating really late in the evening (as the Spanish culture does), speaking with the locals, getting some surfing in, all that kind of stuff. Surfing, however, was a lot tougher than I originally thought it to be once I was there. The tide was incredibly rough the day I went out, and I’d manage to get maybe 15-20 metres out from the beach and the waves would be so big they’d be sweeping me off the board! The upshot of that was that that they were also so powerful that when you did eventually manage to swing yourself around to face the right way, they’d carry you a fair distance. It was just a LOT of hard work to get out there!! And another good thing about going with the family is that you find out just how much Spanish the 13-year-old of the family actually knows, and ends up ordering most of the stuff for you! Pretty handy when you don’t speak the language.

The moral of this is that if you’re going to go anywhere, take in the culture, take in the atmosphere and take along a teenager with a translation book! Anyway, back to business as usual now, so there will be some more albums coming my way soon as there have been a few that I liked the sound of. Also (I know I say this every time, but it’s happening), I’m still working out the best way of putting up some example scripts on here and hopefully I’ll find the time to put that up very soon.

I’ve also been working on some music projects recently which I’m very excited about. I’ve been meeting up with a friend who’s been going over some stuff that I’ve written, and we’re doing some songs together now, and this is really exciting stuff because it’s all new and interesting. It’s a new form of writing and creating for me, so I’m very interested to see where this will go, since we’re definitely on the same page! Also, there are some more projects going on in L.A. with the same people that I did some work with last year, so with any luck that will take off with some success and I’ll get involved in that as well!

So, yes, until the next time I have something vaguely interesting to say that may or may not intrigue you in the slightest, I’ll get back to doing something productive…

Have you heard the news??

The Man In The Mirror has Beat(en) It for the last time… There may not be Blood On The Dancefloor, but I Blame It On The Boogie because he was Dangerous and a bit of a Thriller, espeicially being a Stranger in Moscow… I’ve got a million of these, trust me… It just makes me want to Scream! Ok, seriously, I’ll stop there, but it is just a little bit sad that Michael Jackson is now dead. I didn’t always agree with his actions or ideals, or the way he went about living his life and doing that stuff to his body even if there are all kinds of psychological ways of looking at it. But damn, he did make some good music back in the day that I used to listen to a lot, and he will be missed by a lot of people. Especially my Mum (who actually cried when she heard the news).

Anyway, despite the title to this blog (because EVERYONE has by now, and if not, then you’ve been cryogenically frozen for a while now. Welcome to the 21st Century.) there are actually some things that I’m updating on here today. I mostly only put that because that’s pretty much been the most said thing over the last few days!

I know I always say this, but I’m definitely going to be putting up some script samples on here, once I have the time to properly sit down and play around with the features to see which way of uploading it is the best. I’ve also decided which one I want to put on here. I don’t want to say too much about it, because I want the impact of it to be something fresh and new. All I will say is that if you’re a fan of One Tree Hill, you might like the idea of it!

I was able to catch the last showing of Drag Me To Hell on Thursday. Ho-Ly-Crap, did it put the shits up me!! It was absolutely typical Sam Raimi stuff, as per Evil Dead Trilogy. He’s obviously going for the cheap scares, the jumps, the strings in the background, etc. But there’s also something very sinister at the centre of it, about being tortured and tormented for 3 solid days before going to Hell, and knowing that there’s nearly nothing that you can do about it!! The old Gypsy Lady is possibly the scariest villan in a horror yet, so Leatherface better watch himself because he’s losing out to an old woman now! There’s also, much like with the Evil Dead Trilogy, a bit of a dark humour there in places. The rediculously epic nosebleed scene had me laughing my tits off, mostly at the guy screaming “Is there any in my mouth?!”, and the seance scene with the talking goat and the demon that keeps leaping from body to body. As soon as the goat came in, I knew Sam Raimi would somehow get it to talk! It reminded me of the scene in Evil Dead 2 with all the inanimate objects in the house, and especially the Moose-head on the wall, collectively laughing at Ash. It was freaky, it was weird, but it was also pretty funny at the same time. So Sam Raimi, in my opinion, has done a pretty good job going back to his roots with Drag Me To Hell. The storyline MAYBE could have run a bit deeper, and the ending could have done with being less obvious, but I guess thats just how he decided to do it and it worked pretty well for him, and I’d like to see how he tops it if he makes another horror sometime.

In other news, I’ve been catching up with a few people that went to Download, and apparently if you weren’t there (which I wasn’t!) you missed out on something pretty spectacular! So, yes, it’s a bit of a shame that I had to miss that. NEXT year, however, will hopefully be a different story! I’ve also recently discovered a band called The Veronicas (all be it through the medium of 90210), but they have one song which seems to be coming up every so often in the background on things called Untouched, and when I first heard the music I was kinda hooked, but I had NO idea what the song was or even who the band was! Their sound on this song is pretty cool – there’s a strings base to it, which I really like, and then it gets kinda techno-y which I wasn’t sure about, but then it gets a bit heavy and hooky towards the chorus. So I had it in my head for a while, and had no idea who it was, which was very frustrating! But I hope to find out if their soon-to-be released album is all as good as that song.

Also, in related musical subjects, I’ve recently received information regarding a certain bands new album due for release in Autumn. This certain band happens to be one of my favourites as well! Yes, Paramore have officially told fans on their website that their new album will be named Brand New Eyes and will have the new material they have been performing on their recent tour with No Doubt. The cover art looks relatively minimal compared to the eye-catching cover of RIOT!, this cover having a disjointed picture of a butterfly at the cover. I’m sure it will make more sense once the album has been heard, though, but I am DEFINITELY looking forward to that now! ALSO, they have now said that long-time touring and contributing member Taylor York has now been made an OFFICIAL member of Paramore!! I’m very happy for the guy, as he’s been touring and making music with them for a while now, and he deserves to be part of the family, so congratulations to him.

Anyway, thats about it for now, not too much else to catch up on. I’ll make sure to leave a post when I’ve added some new stuff up, but it’s likely that there will be another page for it anyway, so hopefully you’ll go over and check it all out!

Boring Bank Holidays!

That’s right, its a Bank Holiday, and the weather outside is pretty much the opposite of what you’d want a Bank Holiday to be. It’s cold, cloudy and the air is thick with moisture – so definitely not April Barbeque kind of weather! I mean, no-where is open, and people I know are either still away at uni, or are swamped with work (which is fine, because that’s what they’re paying the extortionate tuition fees for!). So, instead of going out and cooking raw meat on an open fire and smelling of smoke for days afterwards, I figured I’d kill some boredom by leaving another post on here, just as a sort of update on things.

I did actually go and see X-Men Origins: Wolverine  the other day, but I didn’t want to run home and put up a post about it, because it would have been less of a review and more of a rant. And no-one really wants to read my thousand-word-strong bitching about the intricacies of comic book adaptation movies, do they? Feel free to contradict me, if you must! There were a few things that I wasn’t fond of though – mainly that Gambit, although he started with a slight accent when you first see him, wasn’t really Cajun enough and slowly drops what little accent he had. It’s not a big deal really, but it made it harder to picture Taylor Kitsch actually as BEING Gambit. Also, there were things about Deadpool that they messed with right at the end that didn’t really add up properly, which was a shame because Deadpool is such a great character in the books. The whole film basically played out like Comic Book Top Trumps – Wolverine VS Sabretooth = Lose; Wolverine VS Blob = Win; Wolverine VS Armoured Truck + Machine Gun + Helicopter = WIN! I mean, that’s fine if that’s what you’re paying for (i.e. polished Hollywood script, exploding scenes with The Jackman casually walking away from the fires, his hair just ruffled enough to imply there was effort, etc), just don’t go to see it expecting a long, intricate plot detailing his entire existence. Or, much plot at all, really…

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, there are other things happening soon that I’m looking forward to. Firstly, Madina Lake‘s new album Attics To Eden is out today (and I forgot that it actually was out today!) so I’ll have to order that soon and give that a listen as it’s been going down pretty well among the music critics! And in about another weeks time, Green Day release their new album 21st Century Breakdown, so I’m getting excited about listening to that as well, since it’s meant to be great material! Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any live gigs coming up anytime soon, since a lot of bands that are on tour aren’t coming down to the South Coast at all. Plus, the price of festival tickets seem to constantly be on the rise (they’re only just now putting Day tickets to Download Festival on sale, and Sonisphere is easily about £150 per ticket!), so at the moment it looks like the next show I’ll be going to will be The Answer  in December. Which is fine, because I’d easily wait that long to see them! But apart from that, to all the bands that are thinking of touring – seriously, venture down South a bit more, ok?!

So, yes, that’s what’s coming up, but as far as things go right now, they’re much the same. I haven’t done much more writing recently, but I hope to change that soon. Even so, I’ll hopefully add some script samples to a page on here when I work out which sample will look best. Also, perhaps if I can work on them, some more photos maybe.

And that’s about it. Boredom = Killed. Until I buy my next album, or see a film worth a review, go about your business!

The Best Is Yet To Come!

Ok, I know its been a bit of a while since I put anything up here (even though my original plan was to put up about one post a week on here after I’d made this site, and it turns out I want to do a lot more than that!), I’ve decided to give you people that generously take some time out of your day to read this a little glimpse of the future. No, I’m not really Professor X (or am I…?), but I would like to tell you about some stuff that’s coming up soon, or later this year, that I’m looking forward to which will be going up here.

Firstly, some music demos will hopefully be posted here soon, and they’ll be easy to spot as I’m going to put them all in a page of their own! There may only be one to start with, and that’s providing that it is any good and I decide to actually put it up, and there wont be any of my guitar on there because I don’t actually know enough to play any of the songs I’ve been using to practise my vocals with! Needless to say, there will eventually be something here to drape your ears in sound with. They would be up sooner, but my vocal lesson this week had to be put aside since my tutor had a prior engagement that needed his attention, so we’re not going to be recording anything this week.

There are a few albums on the horizon that I may well be tempted by, should I find I have the money and the opportunity to buy them. Firstly, In Case Of Fire‘s debut album Align The Planets is due for release on May 11th, but its changed a lot since it’s been announced. I’ve only heard the single This Time We Stand so far, but if that’s the sound they have on this entire album, its definitely worth a listen! Madina Lake have been back in the studio recently, and have produced their second album titled Attics To Eden. If it’s anything like their sound from their debut album From Them, Through Us, To You then again, it will be worth listening to. However, Madina Lake have said that they’ve gone for a slightly different sound (hopefully one more like their cover of Caught Somewhere In Time on the Kerrang! Maiden Heaven Tribute CD – very much a heavier, bassier sound with a splash of keys to break that apart and let the melodies flow a lot more easily), and some more progressive concepts which are obvious for their somewhat “odd” new artwork by artist Vic Lee a.k.a. Lynden St Victor. If you’ve had the pleasure of seeing the artwork for Attics To Eden, you’ll probably have seen the conceptual threads that are in it – the shape of the robot implying that time is cyclical, the dichotomy of the female character… it’s all sounds like a Sci-Fi film really, but if that’s just the album art then that speaks a lot for their new direction. Attics To Eden is due for release April 27th.

Also, Paramore (*cheers*) are heading back into the studio very soon (according to their online blog) and plan to release the follow-up to 2007’s Riot! album later this year towards the end of the Summer period, so that’s definitely something I’ll be anxiously looking forward to! 30 Seconds To Mars are also in the process of recording and releasing a new album, after the success of their second album A Beatuiful Lie. Although no release date has been confirmed by the band, Jared Leto has revealed that the working title for it is rather ominously called This Is War, so keep a look ouot for that later this year! In other news, Blink-182 have announced that they will be reforming, and hopefully touring the UK eventually. This means that I’ll FINALLY be able to see the band that I was so into when I was 13-16 in a live venue!

I’ve also been told by Listed Magazine that I can put the articles I’ve written for them up on this site, as long as I credit them in the appropriate way – this means that there will be some proper Film and Music articles heading onto here very soon as well!

On that note, there are some films due for release that I’ll probably be reviewing and posting here, including X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Watchmen, and a one night only screening of My Name Is Bruce at the cinema I work at! Also, a friend of mine is in a band and they’re putting on a big show on the 6th March at a local venue called The Talking Heads. They’re called Today’s Eden, and I’ll be giving them a write up here around the time of their show, so if you’re interested in unsigned bands then keep watching for that!

Basically, a lot of stuff is going to be put up here soon, so keep on checking! I know I promised this a while ago, but I REALLY mean it this time… promise!

Until the Next Post! -Drew-