Welcome To My Universe!

Hi, welcome to my place! I hope you like what I’ve done with it, since the decorator was very reasonable. This is basically a site that I have created mostly for promoting myself and all the things that I work on and aspire to be, so there’s hopefully going to be a lot of posts here, and lots of things to read and to get interested in!

I’m sure that eventually there will be more things on me in the Profile part of this site, but for the time being there isn’t much there, and I’m hoping that the stuff I put up will speak for me. But, since I feel a need to get it out the way anyway, I’ll let you in on what you can expect to see here in the future:

Firstly, I hope to eventually be able to put up some examples of the different types of writing that I have been working on and have done in the past. This will hopefully include the articles, interview and reviews I have done for whichever magazines/people wanted them, but if they’re not posted here then the links to them will be. There will also be script samples eventually, once I work out the best methods of doing so in order for them to stay in their script format (it makes for a more genuine read that way!). So hopefully those will be well received!

I also hope to be able to put up some stuff to do with my music, whether it be lyrics I’ve been writing, or be it an eventual demo tape of my voice, but there’s also going to be a track of my progression towards making that happen! But there will be more on that as and when that happens, and again the appropriate people will get fair reference!

Finally, plenty of general reviews and critiques of pretty much anything, whether it be a live review of a gig down the road, or my opinion of the last CD or DVD I bought.

So, yes, plenty of stuff to keep your fingers poised over the Refresh button at the top of the screen! I hope that this was a good enough introduction into what this site is intended to be about, and I hope you all keep reading!

See You Next Time!



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