The Continuing Adventures of Myself – Part The Second

Monday 9th November: Attempts to make further plans for going out scuppered once again by my friends classes going on for two hours longer into the evening than expected, and for tomorrow as well. I’m starting to think that perhaps go-to, last-minute contingency plans might not be such a bad idea… But for now, there’s always cooking a meal and the big pile of ironing to sort me out for the evening. It’s no night out in the city, but fuck it, it’s got to be done sometime!! Productive day today, even if it was just intern-type research work. Which is essentially part of what I’m here to do, so I should really expect that! Possibility of some American TV for the evening, perhaps highlights of the Lakers game last night is on… Or House, I’m happy with either…

Tuesday 10th November: A mixture of curiosity, impatience and a wanting to explore got the better of me this evening, so I went to go look around the Howard Hughes Centre by myself for a couple of hours after getting back. The place itself is quite simple – mostly restaurants and a massive cinema. But there is also a Borders there with a coffee shop and free wi-fi, so until I can find a nice day to go and do work on Venice Beach when the weather will be right, that will be my “from home” workspot in future! Also, a little piece of advice for those that might otherwise be unaware: Restaurants here display their cleanliness rating in the windows, so if you see anywhere that doesn’t have one showing, or one less than a B, don’t bother. BUT, what I learned tonight was this – though a place may have been graded as an A, if it looks like it sells rubbish food then its likely that they will still serve you rubbish food, just in an exceptionally clean environment. So, choose wisely where you eat! Also managed to buy tickets to a midnight screening of New Moon, but it’s unallocated seating, so the guy said if it turns out that loads of fans in Edward Cullen T-shirts que for hours to get the good seats, I can return my tickets and go somewhere with better seating options! As for work, today was the polishing stage of the research, so new working projects are soon to come. Exciting stuff from adventurous days. Music sampling time now, closely followed by sleep time.

Wednesday 11th November: Basic day today, since my thirst for adventure was thoroughly quenched yesterday. Working on some new projects at work, so I’ve got plenty of reading, writing and research to be getting on with all of a sudden. But thats fine, because we’re not going in tomorrow, so I can set myself up somewhere decent and cozy outside of the house to work from instead. Hummus and pita for dinner? Why not? Minimum preparation, maximum hunger satisfaction, and its NOT a rubbish chicken bowl from a rubbish fast food restaurant with bleachy-clean floors! Happy times!! I don’t ask for much really… Anyway, simple night tonight, maybe some American TV if I can work out how their cable system works and don’t get annoyed by the adverts!

Thursday 12th November: I’m currently sat in a Borders coffee shop, with a massive blueberry scone and a cup of Seattle’s Best Coffee (I know I’m in California – the Company is called “Seattle’s Best”, just to avoid confusion!), and working hard at my research. Today was meant to be a day when it rained, or was at least clouded over for the day. And they say that when it rains in California, it freaking POURS, so that worried me a bit. However, the operative word here is “meant” – I get outside, and there are a few light clouds in the sky, perhaps blocking the sun every so often, but not to a horrendous degree. Bright? Sunny? Still rather warm? Basically the English equivalent of a lovely spring day? If this is what a “rainy day” is like in California, that’s something I could quite happily deal with!! Ok, work time now, perhaps time for some burgers later at this good-looking place I saw on my way in. It has an “A” in the window, but lets keep our fingers crossed that it also reflects the food quality this time!! One month left already? Craziness…

Friday 13th November: No burgers last night, which totalled up to one very hungry Drew, but it’s ok because it got re-arranged to tonight, so either way I end up getting burgers! Didn’t feel like TOO much work got done today, but that’s also because a lot of the work today involved reading in preparation for working on Reality TV show treatments, and a lot more thought and preparation goes into writing the pitch, one-sheet and treatment for a Reality show than you’d think!! So, yes, I’m staying late at the office, which is something I’d never thought I’d say, but there you go. Mind you, it’s only really by comparison – the people I’m working with left an hour early to start their weekend, so I decided that I should stay and do a little more stuff before leaving and going for burgers… mmm… On another note, someone bought me a box of cereal from a health food store which is the equivalent of Health Food Lucky Charms. “Healthy” Lucky Charms SHOULD be an oxymoron, but the proof is in the testing of them, so as you wait with baited breath to hear the results, I shall be happily enjoying the experience!

Saturday 14th November: The so-called “Healthy” Option Lucky Charms turned out to be not too bad at all – not too far off from the original, but you can tell they’re not the same. Less marshmallows, and they’re not bright amusing colours either, which sometimes is part of the experience. But for the first-thing-in-the-morning sugar boost in your cereal, it definitely does the job, and if it’s organic foods then I’m counting that as a bonus!! Mission Successful then! Last night was great fun as well – my friend Jennifer and I went to Islands (which is the place that makes the great burgers) and had a really fun night out. I THINK I’m bringing her round to the idea of visiting England eventually, but it may take a bit more coaxing than one conversation! I introduced her to The Vitamin String Quartet as well, which she instantly liked, and I found that there are all these different things that we both like that I had no idea of before. It’s almost a shame I can’t find someone just like her at home, really!! Haha! But the night was very cool, and I look forward to another soon. Not the most productive of days today, though – I rode the public transport not too far up to the Westide Pavillion, a huge mall with a cinema and stuff alongside it as well. I love the place because there’s a Hot Topic store there, and that’s one of my favourite places to shop when I’m in the country! Plus, I can buy for a bunch of my friends there as well. So, although I haven’t really done too much that was productive today, I have got a good idea of a bunch of things I can get for people for Christmas, so I guess its not entirely bad. The people I’m staying with are having a dinner with friends and then taking all of them plus me to this Improvisation Comedy thing in Hollywood, so it should be interesting to see what that’s like and a good way to spend a Saturday night too. Trying to set up activities for tomorrow as well, so we’ll see what happens there as well. Mustn’t forget to buy food either, lest I starve this week…

Sunday 15th November: With my food for the rest of the week bought (mainly consisting of a SINGLE potato, pasta, sauce, deli-counter tuna salad and Oreos), I decided to go out and enjoy the brightness of the day today. Take a bus to Santa Monica? Enjoy the Third Street perhaps? No. I get distracted by a call from home and run out of time for any of that! Oh, well, sometime soon I’m sure. Decided instead to have an attempt at an evening of manliness, so I go round to the house of some friends of the family, where inside there lies a big screen TV with Hi-Def sports. So we watch the New England Patriots play the Indianapolis Colts (that’s American Football, for those who didn’t know. Like me.) and then watch the last bit of the L.A. Lakers get stomped by the Houston Rockets (that’s Basketball. If you didn’t know that, then that’s slightly more shameful.) which made for quite an entertaining evening. I feel all the manlier for it as well! The improv comedy last night was kind of fun – not the most amazing comedy in the world, but it was impressive how they take a single starting point and play off of each other for a full 40 minutes or so. so it was definitely fun to watch them create stuff out of nothing. Anyway, another week done with, another work week starts, so it’s back to the good stuff tomorrow! Also – the Premiere of New Moon is held somewhere in Los Angeles tomorrow, and I’ve heard it may not be too far away. So, with enough research and the right bus, I may be able to go past and see what it’s like…


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