This is the page where I’ll be putting up any kind of decent photos of me, most of which will be used as Resume photos or just in portfolios, that kind of thing. These first photos were done by a friend of mine, Lauren Elliot, and I’m pretty happy with how they turned out.

I quite like this first one, even though she took it without telling me and she’s made it look like it wasn’t!:

Drew With Guitar 1

This one was a bit more natural, and Lauren had the great idea of doing something with the reflection in the mirror which I quite liked, as it was a tad more “arty”:

Drew with Guitar 2

This one I thought at first was a bit “pose-y” and set up a bit too much, so I wasn’t going to put this one up. However, after many people convinced me that it actually looked pretty nice and that I should put it up, I caved in! Lauren also thought that, since she’s made it a black and white shot, it might look like some form of album cover:

Possible album cover?


  1. I love you Drewcifer

  2. Cute and talented…and MINE!! Score!!

  3. You need to update your photos!!

    • Yes, I definitely do. Do you know anyone who could do that for me?? Maybe provide a link on here for me??

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