The Continuing Adventures of Myself – Part The First

Tuesday 3rd November: So, part of what I’m doing out here is developing some of my skills which I would be likely to use professionally, in whatever kind of direction that would take me, and part of that includes working on my writing even more than what I’m doing now. It’s like with anything you want to be good at – practise, practise, practise. You want to learn an instrument? You don’t just read a book, then take a lesson, and then get good over night. It takes work, and lots of it. I found that out after a while with my vocal lessons when my tutor caught onto the fact that I might not have been practising, and then when I did start doing more, I was picking up more stuff a lot more quickly. So, like I said, part of what I’m doing out here on my extended trip to Los Angeles, California is working on all the things that I want to use to make a career, and one of those is writing, in whatever form that may come in, whether its creative writing, lyrics, articles, whatever. This means, therefore, that I shall be doing a little bit of a journal everyday as part of this challenge. Nothing major, just a little little bit everyday.

So, to start, something new I discovered today – for all the usefulness and inexpensiveness of California’s public transport, and for how clean and majoritively tramp-free they are, there is always likely to be a problem. Today, I discovered that problem, and it came in the form of one bus I really needed to get not coming. At ALL. A half an hour goes by, I’m still waiting for it to come and by now its past 15 minutes since it was due and I’m now 5/10 minutes late. My plan of action now? Say “Fuck this” and walk the over-a-fucking-mile to the place I’m working. In the midday sun. Carrying almost my entire computer supplies. My reward later on in the day? A big cake/cookie thing called a Snickerdoodle!! SCORE!! And the world is balanced once again! Day out of the office tomorrow, and the plan WAS to find a Starbucks somewhere and do work, but I might need to make calls so I’ll probably be staying in instead. No beach/work/cappuccino combination for me tomorrow then!

Wednesday 4th November: Not much to say. Worked and researched from the house, have been outside for a total of 10 minutes to get some fresh air after getting cabin fever over being inside. Was meant to go out and explore a place called The Howard Hughes Centre (big massive shopping place with restaurants and a huge Imax cinema), but people cancelled. Bad times. Perhaps tomorrow will bring better prospects, who knows?

Friday 6th November: No entry yesterday, I know. “Better prospects” fell asleep when they got in from work and then overslept, even after I texted them, so instead my evening was occupied with other activities. For instance – ever wondered what happens to a BLT sandwich when you forget about it for 2 weeks? Neither have I, but I found out all the same. One bag scrub, and a bunch of clothes ironing later, and it’s already evening, so no time for even 1 episode of The Mighty Boosh! Still, today has fared better – work has been somewhat completed (minus the polishing-up), and adventures a-plenty tonight as I stay round friend’s/people-I’m-working-for’s house for an early start to a recording session tomorrow, which I’ve been invited to sit in on. Outlook for the rest of the weekend after? Sketchy, with a chance of clarity later tomorrow. Stay tuned, good people.

Saturday 7th November: What a previous 24 hours that was!! Stayed at friend’s house last night, and watched films till about 1.30 am, before finally crashing out on a bed-on-the-floor which had never felt so comfortable, woke up to a breakfast of chicken-sausages and swiss cheese eggs (which, by the way, has been the best breakfast I’ve had since getting here if you don’t include Lucky Charms!), and then spent the entire day in a recording studio recording a song to be used in a low-budget film the head of the facility I’m working at is involved in! The studio belonged to a man named Bruce Hanifan, who has actually written and recorded loads of music and scores for shows like Ice Road Truckers and won awards for them, but his studio is set up in a converted garage in his back garden, which is amazing when yousee how professional it is! The song was, as everyone admits, a cover of a stupid little song that the band 10cc made eons ago called Neanderthal Man, but part of doing a cover is that you do your own thing with it, and these guys bloody nailed it!! Layered, harmonised vocals; gang singalongs; jazzy bass solos; the lot! It was awesome just to witness, but then to be able to be involved in it as was even more amazing! So, today was my first time singing in an actual recording studio and I think its something I could easily get used to!! Also, I worked with an amazingly gorgeous girl named Sarah, who apparently is a very talented singer-songwriter/actress/model in her native Germany, and is on her way to being kinda famous, so I’ll be watching the presses closely! Went for proper, no-nonsense sushi afterwards and I got a proper, no-nonsense blast of wasabi to the back of my sinuses. Also tried “oni”, which is sea urchin. Personally, after trying it once I won’t recommend it – it’s sort of what I picture brains feeling and tasting like. Oh well, lesson learned! Anyway, that’s enough for now, shattered, need sleep, more plans for tomorrow and the day after as well.

Sunday 8th November: Adventures come in all sizes. I found that out today in the form of a simple outing to get some essentials for the fridge. A simple excursion to the local supermarket? No, more like getting severe culture shock in a crowded area!! Only in America can you walk into a supermarket and be greeted with a Starbucks right by the door, and trollies that have coffee cup holders. Not only that, but the mentality of having all sorts of choices gets taken to extremes here. For instance, how many kinds of peanut butter can you think of? Smooth and crunchy, right? No. Try Honey Roasted Peanut Butter, or Almond Butter, etc etc, but all can be found at a station that actually PRESSES the nuts into the paste/butter for you in a deli-style tub that you then pay for. Not only that, but in some supermarkets like the one I went to, there are fast food chains in the MIDDLE of the store, like a half-way point of doing your shopping – Getting tired of hauling those bags of milk and bread around? Stop at the Panda Express Chinese Food in the centre of the shop! Craziness… Also, if you come over here and are looking to buy a fresh can of anti-perspirant spray, don’t bother, as apparently it’s borderline illegal and they only use the horrible anti-perspirant sticks here. Regular deodorant spray is it, then! Anyway, apart from that, it was a pretty chilled day. Spoke to loads of friends today, which was awesome to see how they were all doing, and then went to some friends of the family’s house for an evening of chilli and sports, which I wouldn’t mind spending most of my Sunday’s doing as it’s a pretty good combination! Back to the interning tomorrow, hopefully some more exploration in the evening. One week done with already? Where does it all go?!


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