Not Advised @ The Joiners, 21/2/11

Not Advised at the Joiners

The fact that there are people queing in the cold February mist half an hour before the doors open at The Joiners for the evening is surely a testament to how quickly this show sold out. Of course, this is no surprise when you consider tonight is a showcase of mostly homegrown talent from Southampton, and the homecoming show of Southampton’s own pop-punk prodigies Not Advised.

People are still ambling their way into the main room from the misty weather when it’s time for local newcomer James McVey to open. As such he starts playing his mixture of acoustic and feel-good pop-rock to a half empty room when he opens with an acoustic cover of Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream. It’s a reflection of the general candy-coating of McVey’s songs and it’s a good cover to start with before his backing band, all with trendy hair styles and shirts, start off the set with Breathe. McVey does manage to make an impression on the gathering crowd with his melodic pop tunes similar to a British The Rocket Summer, and his other songs All Eyes on You and Who I Am Now enhance this familiarity. Oddly enough, he closes his set with another pop song cover, this time tackling Ke$ha’s Tik Tok. Some people might question why he opens and closes his set with cover songs, but he manages to put an indie-rock slant on the pop tune that actually turns it into a pretty good cover and gets a good audience reaction for an opening act.

Second on the bill tonight are The Holiday, who hit the stage with their bouncy pop-rock tunes and snappy suits. Their sound comes across at times like a strange mixture of Weezer and McFly, with lashings of indie thrown in. After they open with You and Me, they keep the pace of their set moving with The Weekend before finishing with a crowd sing-along.

Pegasus Bridge is the only band on tonight’s bill from outside Southampton, namely Manchester. But the fact they’re not part of the Southern crowd here tonight doesn’t mean they get less credit – in fact, Pegasus Bridge are creating quite the name for themselves. Their jaunty, synth-laced indie rock has earned them spots on Radio 1’s Introducing Stage among other recent achievements. Their song Paris gets a hefty reaction from the audience members already familiar with them, and the slow and moody melody manages to reinforce their sound, like a mixture of The Kooks and Twin Atlantic with added techno. They round off their set with their single Ribena, during which Jim Thomas from Not Advised makes his way on stage to join them much to the joy of the crowd! It definitely seems like Pegasus Bridge are going places, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you hear more from them in the future.

When the lights dim and the refrain from In the Hall of the Mountain King plays, it is the sign that heralds Not Advised and their homecoming show on the last night of their UK tour. With their fans feverish from both excitement and the rising heat of the packed out room, Not Advised open by diving straight into I’ll Call You A Winner, frontman Jim conducting the crowd to go accordingly crazy. Closely following this are fan favourites The A.R.K. and Jane Says Left which, as expected, gets the crowd singing along at the tops of their lungs. Not Advised have obviously been busy while touring, as they have not one but three new songs to play during their set tonight. The first, All I Need, carries on the distinct sound that Not Advised have and looks like it could bring a bright future to the band.

But this evening is not without its losses – Not Advised lay to rest one of their earlier songs A Red Light Situation, as they announce it won’t be played live anymore. As such, they make it an occasion to remember by turning it into an acoustic rendition and allow the huge crowd of the evening to sing most of it themselves. As if saying goodbye to the old, their final new song of the evening Good News ushers in a new phase of their career and is a sure sign that their upcoming album will be just as great as their EP. They round off the evening with their most recent singles, the epic anthem Right Now and the final big sing-along of the evening The Worlds Not Ready, bringing the evening to a riotous close.

If this is the future of homegrown pop-punk, then the future is very bright for Not Advised!



  1. Love the pictures 🙂 Sounds like it was a good time, besides the sweaty people bumping into you that is!

    • I thought that the pictures were a nice addition too. Maybe next time I’ll have some better quality ones rather than ones from my phone! And yes, it was definitely a very good time!

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