LISTED Film Previews – September ’10

Here’s yet another lot of film previews for all of you out there to get your eyes wrapped round. September proved to be a bit of a struggle for some decent big cinema releases, so as well as these ones here (or if none of these take your fancy), you should check out some local cinemas which will likely be playing some things that are a little different. But anyway, here’s the September ones:

MACHETE (15) (Dir. Robert Rodriguez & Ethan Maniquis)

Bringing back his character in this Planet Terror spin-off, Robert Rodriguez brings us his second action-packed film in as many months. Danny Trejo is an ex-Federale who is betrayed by the organisation that hired him, which leads him to go on a brutal and bloody rampage of revenge. Considering that Machete comes from Rodriguez’s own Troublemaker Studios and smacks of his own style of films like Desperado, you can definitely expect Machete to have all the style and swagger that Rodriguez is capable of delivering. There’s also talks of a trilogy coming to fruition if this is well received which, fingers crossed, could also lead to Sin City 2? We can hope… Released September 10th.

RESIDENT EVIL: AFTERLIFE 3D (18) (Dir. Paul W.S. Anderson)

Alice (Milla Jovovich) is back… and bringing a few of her friends. Or so the tagline reads, though it should actually be asking if we really care anymore. Considering that the last three films have ONLY been fairly well received and not exactly got people queuing for hours to get in, it was really only a matter of time before something like this jumped on the 3D bandwagon to reignite its franchise. OK, there may have been the odd bit every-so-often in the others that was worth a watch, but even though this has been filmed using James Cameron’s “Fusion” Technology (from Avatar) and shot in various locations around the world, I doubt that the prospect of seeing the same old stuff in 3D will be enough to tempt sceptics into trying it out. Get to the front if you’re a fanboy, but otherwise save your money! Released September 10th.

THE TOWN (12A) (Dir. Ben Affleck)

Ben Affleck directs AND plays the lead of Doug MacRay, a thief planning his next job whilst finding himself in a deepening relationship with Claire (Rebecca Hall), a bank teller traumatised by a heist that Doug is connected to, whilst avoiding the FBI investigator (Jon Hamm) who is close to unmasking Doug’s identity whilst wrestling with the feelings he also has for Claire. It does all sound a little tragic, which is normally Ben Affleck’s forte, but The Town does see Affleck taking the step from celebrity to film-maker and therefore giving his name that much more credibility in the film industry. If this film takes off, it could be in the running for Oscar Nominations as well, so watch out for those! Released September 17th.

THE AMERICAN (15) (Dir. Anton Corbijin)

George Clooney stars in this rather non-American cast as an assassin who hides out in an Italian village waiting for what could be his last ever assignment. Whilst hiding out, he tempts fate by befriending the local preist (Paolo Bonacelli) as well as the affection of Clara (Violante Placido). Clooney has had a run of very deep and engaging films over the last few years, so if those are anything to go by then this will definitely be worth seeking out. Released September 17th.


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