LISTED Film Previews – May ’10

Well, after FINALLY making my way to see Kick-Ass last month (it was, by the way, completely kick-ass! Very worth while!) right at the end of it’s cross-over from the UK to the US, I thought I’d bring you another set of previews with some more films I’m excited over that could be the highlights of this years film releases! So, if you can make it out to see these, I’d love your opinions. If not, you really should get out more…

IRON MAN 2 (12A) (Dir. Jon Favreau)

After the huge success and countless geek-outs at the end of the first film, Robert Downey Jr. is back in the Iron Man armour again for another CGI heavy dose of coolness. After publically announcing himself as Iron Man, Tony Stark (RDJ) is under pressure to share his hi-tech armour with the US Military. When he is unwilling to give up his invention, he must face powerful new enemies (Mickey Rourke as “Whiplash”) out for revenge, and create new Iron Man armours in order to outwit them. After geeking out at the new trailers, I can tell you that this is definitely one blockbuster worth getting excited about, and should be one of the more successful hits of the summer! Released May 7th.

A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (18) (Dir. Samuel Bayer)

The latest in a long line of not just horror/80’s films remakes, this re-hashing of Wes Craven’s original 1984 horror looks to fall pretty far below the mark. Jackie Earle Hayley (“Rorschach” from Watchmen) plays the razor fingered, dream-stalking serial killer Freddy Kreuger in this new version which quite frankly looks almost exactly the same as the original, scene-for-scene, save for better film quality and some fresh new talent/victims. The trailer itself is pretty spooky but that’s really about it, meaning the real nightmare here might be this remake! Go and see it if you’re bored, but otherwise just buy the box-set of originals for the same price. Released May 7th.

ROBIN HOOD (12A) (Dir. Ridley Scott)

Seeing Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe re-uniting after the success of Gladiator should be really exciting. That is, if you don’t mind seeing this version of Robin Hood done in that same style. Despite that, this Robin Hood story is not the typical, merry men story you might expect but instead charts the history of an archer in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion fighting against Norman invaders, who rises to become the hero and outlaw known as Robin Hood. After nearly not being made due to several script re-writes, this version of the Robin Hood story looks to be as epic as so many of Ridley Scott’s films are! Released May 14th.


The first film of the year that will see Jerry Bruckheimer’s company on the way towards taking it home in boatloads, this is also the first (non-CGI) videogame-film that actually looks decent! Set in medieval Persia, Prince of Persia follows a rogue prince who sets out to prevent a dark force from obtaining a dagger that grants people control of the Sands of Time to rule the world. Also, seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in the role of an action star is pretty new, so there may be more of these! The trailer looks pretty great too, recreating a lot of the stunts from the game. But then what did you expect from the studio that made Pirates of the Caribbean? Released May 28th.

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