Bury Tomorrow & Not Advised @ Mo’Live 22/1/10

6 bands for only £5? In the current economical climate, it’s rare that you should get any kind of a bargain like this. But tonight is the opening of a new live music venue in Southampton – The Mo’Club is a venue which is part-time roller disco/dance hall, and now part-time 400+ capacity live music venue as “Mo’Live”. So to make sure that it gets a proper opening, six of Southampton’s finest home-grown talent have gathered to rock the masses on this very unique night!

Starting off the evening are A Word Like.Attack with their own mix of brash and burly Finch-like post-hardcore with added electronics. When frontman Dave throws himself into the act, however, you’re not sure whether he’s not taking it very seriously, or perhaps taking it a bit too seriously! Their singer spends more time up against the barrier than is rightly expected of the first band, and pays the price when he jumps over the barrier full-on into someone who then drops their pint over him. Other than that, their high energy music mixed with a distinctly British twist definitely set the bar high.

The next band was, until recently, known as Open Room. On comparison, the new Fever Season songs are pretty much exactly the same. Some confused looks are exchanged as they go about their dance-pop mixed indie, and are mostly met with polite applause from the majority of the audience before they go back to their conversations.

It’s when local post-hardcore band Burn The Fleet get ready that the crowd suddenly gathers around the barrier, instantly making this a night of two parts – the previous questionable acts, and every act from here on in! Burn The Fleet get arguably one of the best audience interactions of the night, especially with set closer Handfuls Of Sand being a massive crowd sing-along. During this, frontman Andy Convey hardly needs to sing – his vocals instead are replaced with a massive great grin as he sees just how many people in attendance are here for them as well. If these guys don’t get big soon, something’s gone terribly wrong!

Showing that punk is very much still alive in the heart of Southampton is Our Time Down Here, who tear into their set like a tornado after a fittingly ironic intro tape of Tears For Fears’ Killing Time. With all the energy and attitude of Gallows powering them, and fans that will do anything to climb over others to get to the microphone being held by their frontman (who spends more time up against the barrier or on top of the audience than he does on the stage), OTDH’s own brand of proper punk with the occasional bounce to it is clearly infectious enough to get them on the right track.

There’s only a short wait before co-headliners Not Advised take to the stage and get the crowd appropriately energetic with their very impressive blend of pop-punk-rock riffage. With a recent album review and “Introducing” section interview in Kerrang! Magazine, Not Advised are definitely doing something right, and not just with their excellent cover of Michael Jackson’s Man In The Mirror! With the amount of people around the venue singing all the words back to them, don’t be too surprised if this lot are soon to share a similar rise in popularity as You Me At Six!

The best word to describe the atmosphere when headliners Bury Tomorrow arrive on stage would be “electric”. It’s obvious from the audience’s faces that everyone is tensed and ready for their Atreyu-style metalcore onslaught, and after a lot of recent success and growing fame, these home-grown bruisers are set to go far very soon. “Let’s give this place a proper breaking in!” they tell the audience. They mean this metaphorically of course – but after a dose of heaviness and frontman Danni cutting a foreboding figure standing upon two stage monitors, that’s pretty much what the Mo’Club gets! But it’s their music that does the real talking – bristling with fury and emotion, and both heavy and melodic in all the right places, it’s enough to get the crowd thrashing and singing along in equal measures.

It’s an epic end to a successful and eventful evening. It’s not often that a place normally reserved for roller-discos experiences such a ground-shaking show, but with Mo’Live officially open it hopefully won’t be the last!

NOTE: All these bands have MySpace pages, so if you like the sound of them, go check them out and give them your support! Cheers!



  1. no word of a lie i would give my left nut… scratch that, both nuts, to have been at this gig. ive seen all these bands before and i know just how amazing they all are live. seeing them all in one night would have been awesome…RAD

    • It was a pretty awesome show, all the bands gave it their best and made it an awesome night for everyone that made it there. You would have had a great time rocking out with me, dude!! Still, next time…

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