Happy 1st Birthday!

Thats right, guys – this website is now officially 1 Year Old!! This is just a short message to say thanks to all the people I know who read this on a regular basis, and all the new people that have started catching up with all the crap that I have to say – you guys make this what it is!

Ok, so, whilst I haven’t exactly reached my goal of having 52 posts on here by this point (which would effectively be one post per week) at 46 I’ve come pretty close, so it’s not too bad really. Still, with any luck 2010 will give me a lot more to write about, so there should be all kinds of posts going on here in the next lot of 52 weeks! Either way, it’s been an interesting year, and looking back I’ve had a lot of stuff to put up here, and hopefully it’s all made for an interesting read every so often. Of course, I know that these are only my own opinions, so they may not count for much in this day and age, but the fact that this site is still running pleases me quite a bit!

So, here’s to more interesting things to eventually go up, and here’s to all the people reading this! Thanks guys, much love!



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  1. Brilliant!! Great work, very interestiung and well-written. Keep it coming, and thanks for your great reviews. x

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