LISTED Film Previews – January/February ’10

Another month, and another set of Film Previews for you guys out there! Hopefully these ones will be pretty popular ones to go and see, especially since its around that time that all the Oscar Nominees are getting released. Anyway, here are some easy ways to beat boredom in the coming couple of months:

NINJA ASSASSIN (15) (Dir. James McTeigue)

Already causing quite the storm in America (mostly due to the cult Japanese superstar Rain playing the main role of super-assassin Raizo), this film is not only directed by the same guy as V For Vendetta , but has also been partly written by comic book writer/legend J. Michael Straczynski! A young ninja, born and raised to be the most deadly weapon alive, turns his back on the orphanage and clan that trained him, sparking off confrontations with fellow ninjas and the leaders of the clan. Ninja Assassin is already gathering a crowd due to its huge amount of stunts and gore, so if you’re expecting a deep, emotionally driven storyline this might not be the film for you. However, if you want plenty of kick-assery, then this could be your ultimate fantasy come true! Released 8th January.

THE ROAD (15) (Dir. John Hillcoat)

Starring a rather hairy-looking Viggo Mortensen, this film see’s his nameless character and his son walking for months and trying to survive by any means possible in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by an unexplained cataclysm, in search of any kind of civilisation. Whilst this may sound like a very dull basis for a film now (thanks, in part, to 2012…), this Cormac McCarthy adaptation is setting out to be as dark as possible, and explore the depths that the human race will go to in order to survive. Also, there could possibly be an Oscar-Nomination in Viggo’s performance… Released 8th January.

THE LOVELY BONES (12A) (Dir. Peter Jackson)

Winning combination, here – award-winning director Peter Jackson doing an adaptation of one of the most popular books of recent years (that ISN’T Twilight, that is!), and ending up with a film that (from the trailer) looks to be both emotionally moving and visually stunning as well. The story itself (for those that don’t know) centres around a young girl, Susie Salmon, who has been murdered and watches over both her family and her murderer from Heaven, whilst choosing between her wanting vengeance or wanting her family to move on and heal themselves. Between the visuals, direction and script, this could easily clean up at the Oscars, so make sure you get to see it. And bring the tissues… Released 29th January.

INVICTUS (12A) (Dir. Clint Eastwood)

This is Clint Eastwood’s 5th film in as many years, thus making many other directors look terribly unproductive in comparison! After the success of Gran Torino last year, Invictus is Clint Eastwood taking a look at life for Nelson Mandella (Morgan Freeman) after the fall of apartheid in South Africa during his first term as president, when he campaigned for South Africa to host the 1995 Rugby World Cup in an attempt to unite his countrymen. Also starring Matt Damon as Francois Pienaar, Invictus looks like it might well be another contender for some Oscar wins, so it will be tight between those that get nominated! Released 5th February.

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  1. Hi again. Like your previews. Checked on IMDB and you’re right, Clint Eastwood has been prolific! Do you think Morgan Freeman will pull off the role of Nelson Mandela in Invictus?

    • Thanks for continually reading! I’m glad i can put up stuff here that goes down so well with readers! Clint Eastwood is definitely making a bigger and bigger name for himself, and I think films like Changeling and Gran Torino have only helped this. Morgan Freeman as Nelson Mandella might be a bit tough to pull off, but I guess you have to see it to be able to judge. I think we might have to be more worried about Matt Damon playing a Rubgy Player, though…

  2. Don’t suppose you could put up some information about ‘Daybreakers” ? I’m extremely excited to see it & would like to hear your opinion about it.
    I’m very much looking forward to ‘The lovely bones’ also. i Loved the book & i’m hoping that Peter Jackson will do it justice.

    • Unfortunately, I can’t include any info on “Daybreakers” as that would come under the January/February listings, and the magazine give me a 500 word limit to work with each month. I have a hard enough time as it is stopping myself from going on about the ones that I actually DO choose already! So, for this one, I went for some films that might potentially be popular for Oscar season. Daybreakers looks alright, but it sort of looks like its covering ground that has already been covered in things like Blade and 30 Days of Night, so I’d like to see what their “unique” slant on it would be. But it does also have Sam Neil, so it might be worth seeing it for him! Peter Jackson and his effects company seem to have nailed the effects for The Lovely Bones, especially since the whole problem with it in the first place was how to approach the “Heaven” scenes from a visual angle. I think it looks like it will be very well received at the moment. Thanks for reading, by the way!

      • No problem.
        I really enjoy reading your stuff. Oh silly me getting my film dates mixed up, i deserve a slap on the wrist for that, teehee.

        Yeah, i have my fingers crossed for The Lovely Bones being a hit this year.

        So, how do you know so much? I find it fascinating and i envy you for it. x

      • Heh, no slap on the wrist needed, its alright! Yes, I’ll try and get down and see The Lovely Bones, but first I’ve suddenly become really interested in The Lightning Theif. Its the adaptation of the first in the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series of books? It looks pretty good – sort of like Harry Potter for people who like history a bit more! Plus, I bought my brother that book, so I want to see how it pans out into a film.

        How do I know so much? To be honest, I dont think I really do!! Most of what I write is my own opinions. As for finding out about the films, I see posters for ones that look interesting and look them up on websites and stuff. Plus, I do a lot of writing (my degree was in Screenwriting) so I like to keep up with whats going to be popular. Oh, yeh, and I currently work in a cunema, so I know which ones are coming out that could make a lot of business! heh, so that helps!

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