The Continuing Adventures of Myself – Part The Final

After not being at a computer since Friday night, I haven’t really had much of a chance to update this journal and give it a proper round off, mostly because of being busy with things immediately as I got home. I originally wanted to update this from the airport, but that turned out to be out of the window when by the time I decided to sit down and have a chance to write anything, they let us on to the plane! Anyway, this is the official round-off to the journal, after getting home, semi-unpacking and then re-packing again as I spontaneously decided to drive with a friend up to Bristol for a couple of days after only being back in the country for 24 hours. Adventurous? Very much so…

I mostly just wanted to put down how much California has taught me. It’s taught me that Creativity Generates Creativity, and that many things are possible if you’re willing to work for them hard enough and are determined enough to get to where you want to go. It’s shown me a new life, a different life, that is all too possible to live – whether that would ACTUALLY be in California or not, as much as I would want it to be. It has shown me many things that I am capable of doing, and just how much can be open for you when you look for it. It’s shown me a better attitude to living – one where you actually live! It’s the attitude that does things because you want to do them, because they’re fun and they make life worth talking about again (like driving up to Bristol to surprise a friend after only getting back to the country again the day before…). It’s taught me especially so that certain ways in which I see myself is not necessarily the same way that other people see me, and that I shouldn’t alway listen to the opinion that I have of myself.

I sincerely hope to eventually go back to Cali. The people, the vibe of the place, everything – it all makes for an experience that has bettered me personally, and has given me new directions and new ideas and focus for life, and I don’t think I can be thankful enough for that to all the people who I have come to know out there. It’s been an amazing experience that has had a huge effect on me, and I doubt I would trade any of the time I had out there for anything. And that’s really saying something, I think!


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