The Continuing Adventures of Myself – Part the Fifth

Monday 30th November: Not to drive anyone reading this blog currently living in somewhat colder conditions than myself at the present time insane with jealousy or anything, but this weather right now in California is FRICKIN’ HOT! I mean, I was walking on the street today, and I’m burning up just wearing a t-shirt and khakis. This is bloody November, and the weather back home is terrible! I felt a tad guilty enjoying all this amazing weather when everyone I know is currently suffering through cold weather, constant rain and continuous flooding – but then I remembered that I’m NOT there, and could therefore afford to enjoy the climate whilst I’m still here! Second to last week now – where the hell the time goes, I don’t know – and I finished one of the big projects I got put to work on today, so there was some excitement about that. Went straight over to Lora and Hans’ tonight as they were cooking and said I should come over – so I did! Evening got on, and I realised there was ironing calling me back home. Ah, ironing – the spoiler of all fun. Anyway, half done now, other half tomorrow sometime when I have the effort to finish it.

Tuesday 1st December: Pretty productive day today – started a new project which I’ve now managed to get fairly far into the start of, which occupied most of the day. Saw some friends today, Kevin and Renee, and they took me out for a nice meal on Main Street Santa Monica. I think I may just have a new addition to a favourite foods list – Sweet Potato Fries. Oh, my Lord, were they nice! So, yes, it was really great seeing them and talking about all the things that we’ve been up to over the last few weeks. Kevin has a friend who has been asked to write the Pilot episode for a TV Series adaptation of a pretty popular Graphic Novel series, I don’t think I can really say what it is, because it’s still in talks about whether it will get done, so if word got out about it beforehand, it could be bad! BUT, if you know me in person, and you REALLY have to know, then I might just whisper it to you if I think you can keep a secret!! However, the rest of you will have to hang tight until he tells me more about it, sorry! Anyway, needless to say, I’m very excited about hearing it. Back now, though, and the ironing mountain has been conquered and my flag firmly placed on the top. Early sleep, perhaps, to help sleep off all the sweet potato.

Wednesday 2nd December: Spontaneity truly does make for a more interesting life, doesn’t it? A long haul at work today, not finishing till just after 7 because all these things needed to get done (but I got my stuff for the day done anyway, so I’m not worried about that!), I was meant to see a friend today, but half way through the day she backed out. THEN, later on, she changes her mind again and takes me up on my original suggestion of being spontaneous and we decide to meet up and go ice skating in the outside rink in Santa Monica. Great, I think to myself, that will be fun and something interesting to do together. But oh crap, I suddenly think, I haven’t been ice skating in years – I’ll be all over the place, spending more time polishing the ice with my ass than actually skating! As it turns out, we were both able to keep upright very well, if perhaps being slightly shaky. I only managed to fall ONCE, and it was mostly because I was getting clever. So, there you go – you try to be clever and most often you end up on your ass! Anyway, it was a very fun night, made all the more fun by the fact it wasn’t really planned! MUST sleep soon, though, even though I’m not in the office tomorrow and have to work out a plan for the day.

Thursday 3rd December: Some of the true magic of LA struck me hard and fast this evening, and it just goes to show what being in the right place at the right time can get you! Not working in the office today, I head down to Santa Monica at the start of the afternoon to go to an internet ca to do some work. After I finish, I take some time out to have a little meander by myself down the Santa Monica Pier and then back along 3rd Street for a bit. After catching both of my buses home, I get off the bus and start walking up the road that leads me to the street I’m staying on. Now, on this street on one corner is a frozen yoghurt place (sort of like Pinkberry’s, but not the same) and I see a bunch of people outside taking pictures. “Must be some kind of event” I think. But then I realise that this IS LA, after all, and therefore could actually be anyone. So I take a look inside and see Taylor Swift and think “Huh, wow, thats pretty cool”, but then I look at the dude standing next to her and it’s fucking Taylor Lautner!! “Holy SHIT!” I actually say out loud, “and here’s me without my camera!” Anyway, he walks out and I just say hi to him and shake his hand, he smiles, says thanks and walks away, frozen yoghurt in one hand and Taylor Swift in the other. Genuinely nice dude, that he stopped to shake hands when all these other people were around! So, this evening, I can officially say that I shook hands with TAYLOR LAUTNER. How cool? Very fucking cool, thanks!! That’s the magic of LA – you never know who you could see at any time!

Friday 4th December: One more week drawing to a close, and the sad realisation that I will soon have to leave everything that I’ve experienced out here is starting to set in. The good part of this is that I’m now using every spare moment I have to fill with doing adventurous things in the hope that I can keep this kind of attitude going and not let it fade at all. It’s a wonderful feeling and attitude to have – the one that, when most people would ask “Why?”, says “Why not?”. And although I’m gradually becoming increasingly sad at the idea that I will have to leave, I know that I will always have my friends at home there waiting to welcome me back. That’s another nice feeling to have – the one of knowing people, wherever you go, and always having someone there watching out for you. Anyway, the proper journal entry du jour is one that basically consists of me getting through the work I’m meant to be doing today, and awaiting further instructions due to the main dude being constantly busy as hell! But it could be worse – he could have no work at all, and then you’d be left questioning if this is the guy you should really be working for. As it happens, I have no such worries! Stopped at the Westside Pavillion on the way back, with the thought of maybe getting some jeans and a t-shirt. Seen some, but I might go back and get them tomorrow. Right now, some kind people I know down the road are renting a movie, and have said that I should come and watch, so this is it for now. May be updating from Burbank tomorrow, we’ll have to see!

Sunday 6th December: No entry for yesterday, clearly. Thats mostly due to me getting caught up in staying round the house of the people I’m working for, and getting into a movie evening fully accompanied by massive home-made burgers (which were awesome!) and my making a bread and butter pudding using Nutella (which, again, wasn’t too bad…), and going around Hollywood in the daytime. It’s good, because I did actually want to go down the Hollywood Strip and see all the stuff down there agin before I left, but this being my last full weekend I wanted to spend it doing things with people. As it happens, I managed to do the best of both!! Also, we went around the Kodak Centre, Graumann’s Theatre and the Hollywood and Highland Centre and into a couple of shops, including the HUGE Hot Topic they have there. In hindsight, I probably should have gone to that one before I did yesterday, as theres a huge amount of stuff in there that I hadn’t seen before! But oh well, it was still a good afternoon, and some more decent pictures got taken. This afternoon, we’re going for a little music session somewhere, so that should be very cool, and I’ll probably put another entry later on about that if there’s time.


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