The Continuing Adventures of Myself – Part The Fourth

Monday 23rd November: Another set of plans scuppered this Monday night, but I’m partly accepting the blame for this one as, with hindsight and after having it pointed out to me repeatedly, I probably could have done more to help avoid the situation. Basically, through a lack of communications, the cinema trip is not happening tonight but tomorrow instead, mostly due to the fact that even though I sent a Facebook post and a text, the other person was not aware that I had actually bought the tickets. SO, the valuable lesson of the day is this (and this, you can quote me on) – When organising any events, if  you have to assume anything at all, assume that the other person knows nothing! It’s just safer that way, in general. Anyway, it’s moved to tomorrow now. Speaking of which, I’m actually only in the office for two days this week, which will be a change of pace. We’re not in tomorrow because there’s a meeting being held out of the office, Thursday will actually be Thanksgiving (which I’m looking forward to, as I haven’t been a part of anything like that before) and we’re apparently not bothering going in on Friday, because it’s the day after Thanksgiving. SO, a majority of this week will be spent doing work from other places, which means I might have to start getting inventive with the places I go to work in order to keep it fresh and new! So, we’ll have to see how that goes, and fingers crossed that tomorrow turns out better than the mis-communication of tonight!

Wednesday 25th November: No post from yesterday, but that’s actually due to last night going off without a hitch. Well, mostly hitch-less… Jennifer and her boyfriend actually turned up 5 minutes into the film due the typical LA traffic, but oh well! This pretty much made us even since I received heat the night before for a lack of communication! Anyway, she enjoyed the film a lot, which is probably partly down to the fact that she hasn’t actually read New Moon or much of the other books, so most of it was new and fresh to her. Anyway, by the time we get out, it’s about 9 45 and I last ate at about 2 30. They apparently already ate before coming out, so I didn’t want to drag them to a restaurant just to watch me eat, and they’re both tired by this point anyway, so I let them go and refuse a lift home from Jennifer as she has to go the opposite direction, and it wouldn’t make sense to take me back to the house first. IN DOING SO, however, I miss the bus that takes  to the end of my street by just 2 minutes, the next one of which isn’t due for an hour and a freakin’ half! So, slightly annoyed, I catch two different busses instead, and somehow end up back at my street at the same time that first bus drives by… How that happened, I don’t know, because this was nearly an hour later! Anyway, it’s now 11 by this point, and I can no longer be bothered to cook a main meal. My resort? Peanut Butter on Toast. WIN! Anyway, fairly easy-going day today. It’s the day before Thanksgiving today, so people getting out early, eager to start what is effectively a 4 day weekend. Personally, I’m sort of looking forward to attempting to consume my bodyweight in turkey and a variety of complex carbohydrates! Anyway, time to close down for now, I think… Tomorrow could need a lot of energy…

Thursday 26th November: I think that perhaps Thanksgiving can be given the unofficial title of “Carb-Fest, USA” for the most part! Don’t get me wrong though – today I had some of the nicest home-made food I’ve had since being here! There were at least three different kinds of potatoes (including sweet potatoes), stuffing, all that sort of stuff… and a massive, 24lb turkey! SO MUCH meat… and that was before the three different kinds of pies they had for after, including my two separate servings of pumpkin pie. No wonder I feel so tired right now, it’s an entire day dedicated to meat, carbs and American Football! To be honest, I’m sort of wondering why we don’t start doing this EVERY Thursday! Anyway, it was great being there in Venice. Met loads of people there today, had some great conversations with people I’d only known for a couple of hours or so, ate an awesome meal and everyone was so happy to be there with all their friends and stuff, then wound down watching the new Star Trek film together… really, just a great kind of atmosphere for the whole day. I can definitely see why it’s such a great ideal for a Holiday! Still, I’ve been told tor points of Thanksgiving is the amount of left-overs you have – turkey sandwiches with stuffing, turkey curries, pumpkin pie every day for a week… it’s all about that! Anyway, the long and short of it was that I had a really great time, and it was a huge experience of American culture that was totally worth experiencing. Plans for the long weekend are now set in motion as well, so I’ve got plenty to do. Strange to think it’s only Thursday…

Friday 27th November: Had a pretty interesting day filled with exploring today. A friend/work-mate of my mum’s from out-of-town is staying for a while in LA and he said that we should meet up, so he brought his friend and her daughter to come and get me and we went out to eat at an Islands, which was great. But then we went to the Getty Centre just north of Westwood, and the Getty Centre is basically a HUGE art gallery on the top a hillside, and it over looks the entire area of Westwood and Santa Monica. Today was a really nice, clear day which meant that the view from outside the Getty Centre was REALLY great, and you could see for miles and miles into the distance! Some of the sights were amazing, but the garden they had there was just as nice, especially at the time around sunset when we were there. I’m not really a very art-y type person, and I never really claim to be ; I never tend to go to art galleries, or claim to know that much about art, but the Getty Centre was actually a really nice place to go to and just see all these really nice, artistic displays as well as the sights outside as well. Anyway, that’s mostly what today was about, and it was definitely something very different! Right now, there’s pecan pie downstairs that isn’t going to eat itself…

Saturday 28th November: Surprising how sometimes a lack of actual plans can bring with it just spontaneity and exploration, isn’t it? I did the thing today of going to the Westside Pavillion to finish off that shopping for friends (and even got myself a shirt from Hot Topic almost as a reward. Score!), then decided to hit Santa Monica for a bit, but wasn’t planning on staying for too long. I got to the Promenade at about 4 ish, just as the suns lowering in the distance, and decided to go look for this place Finn McCool’s, since I now know where it is and also worked out that a bus should go right past it. It does, I found it pretty easily, and nothing much was happening tonight, so I left it for another evening and went back to the Promenade (stopping on the way at a Vans store and finding a type of Vans shoe that deliberately looks like Moccasins – the best of both worlds, for work and play!). I eventually settle on eating at a massive sports bar called Yankee Doodles, only to discover once I’m there that a college football game is on later between UCLA (a.k.a The team we should be supporting) VS USC (a.k.a. University for Spoilt Children), who are local rivals. I get quite excited about this, as it’s really the first big sporting event in recent history in which I actually know what’s going on! Plus, there are fit girls going around promoting Jagermeister by giving away loads of free shit! Not that it needs promoting anyway – the stuff is the blood of Satan – but if it means I get free flashy things to wear round my neck, I’m pleased! So I stay and watch half of it before I have to go get a bus (getting quite into the game as I do and feeling more and more manly in the process!) but not before stopping at Pinkberry’s since it’s right in front of the bus stop. Again, I realise that this is exactly the sort of atmosphere I’d really like more of and to be a part of with friends as well, and how great it would be to do that sometime. Anyway, it’s late now, and I have to be getting on and start thinking about what to do with tomorrow as well!

Sunday 29th November: Very layed back, chilled out day today, as almost every Sunday rightly should be! Decided to hit Venice Beach today – the safe haven of anyone who has ever been called a hippie! Weekends are the best time to go, as theres a bigger market and more people are selling all their craft stuff, so it’s likely you’ll find a bit more interesting stuff there. Plus, it was a very clear day, so it was definitely beach weather, which made a change as I haven’t really done beach-like stuff since it’s been just me here. There’s also this huge skate park on Venice, where loads of people go to just hang out and skate all day. What impressed me most, though, was how many young kids were there that were just as good as the Adults. And by young kids, I don’t mean teenagers, I mean children as young as 6 years old!! And these kids were SO impressive with what they could do! Seeing things like that, and so close to a beach, you do realise that it’s not just an entirely different atmosphere in these parts, it’s and entirely different culture altogether – not just from English culture, but from places in America too. It’s sort of hard to explain unless you;ve experienced it, really. Anyway, so I sat in the sun for a bit and then wondered down through the market to see what people were selling today, before going back to Third Street for another short walk around there, before finally coming back to the house (stopping to get blank CD’s on the way) to eat and stick on a bunch of laundry. This laundry thing is something I’ll have to start getting on top of – once again, I technically ran out of socks on Thursday, and have had to do some clever “recycling”… Anyway, back in work again tomorrow, and for the first time in quite a while I’m actually excited about going into work! Strange, I know, but stranger things have happened… Time to make some Mix CD’s for people now, then start a brand new week!


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