The Continuing Adventures of Myself – Part The Third

Monday 16th November: Coming into the third week of my being here has been a bit of a rude awakening, in part. I’ve realised that even though I SHOULD be doing something different each night (which is hard for most people when they’re somewhere they know!), I’m sort of not. Every other night or so, perhaps, but still the days are limited and I have to remember that. So, more arrangements are being made and weekends and evenings will hopefully start shaping up. A new week at work brought new projects, so the Reality TV show will be the new thing that I’m working on for a while. Also, I saw on local news that people have been queuing and camping outside a cinema in Westwood (which isn’t TOO far from where I’m working…) for the Premiere of New Moon which takes place tonight since (ready?) Thursday last week!! What the Hell?! Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to the film, and I’m pretty sure I’ll really enjoy it and everything, but these people aren’t even SEEING the film! They just want to be there when the cast walk down the Red Carpet! This is when I realise just how much madness beautiful Hollywood celebrities can cause! Anyway, that’s about it for this Monday, if you’ve stuck with it to this week, congratulations! You’re officially a Stalker! Just kidding, thanks really!

Tuesday 17th November: One more uneventful evening, but it’s laundry night, so theres actually a reason for it this time! And it’s a pretty good thing too, since I was technically out of socks yesterday… Work was pretty good today, I’m doing some more creative work on this Reality TV show treatment, and the ideas have started flowing now that I’m up to the main episode breakdown of the show, so I’ve definitely got the work cut out for me! Anyway, we all got so into the work that we lost track of time and ended up finishing half an hour after we normally do! Managed to actually find a MySpace site yesterday that had a live streaming video of the Red Carpet premiere of New Moon, and suddenly realised that the thing people had to que for 3 days to witness in person, I was watching on a computer, plus had a better view, plus watched actual interviews with the cast, plus I was in a warm room, plus I could turn down the volume, and finally (and here’s the best bit) I could do it all in the comfort of my pyjamas! Who gets the better deal in the end? Anyway, my contacts are starting to dry out a bit – Chill out time, then workout, then sleep, thank you very much!

Wednesday 18th November: Bit of a last-minute change to the plans for today. I get woken up at 7:30 not only by my alarm going off, but also my phone as well. This firstly confused me to no end because I had no idea what was going off or why, but then the Boss-Man calls me and says that he might have something bordering on a cold, so neither of the people running the show would be going in today lest they infect everyone else that works at the Facility. Shame, but not in the sense that I get an extra hours sleep out of it. So, I go back to the coffee place from last week at Howard Hughes Centre, since it’s a short bus trip away, I know that I can get Wi-Fi for free, its quiet because it’s a bookshop and I can have decent coffee any time I like! This then ultimately frees me up in the evening as well since I don’t have to spend time travelling back either, so I walk the 5 minutes from there to the friends of the family whom I often mention (from now on we can call them Lora and Hans) and we eventually decide to go out and eat. So they take me to the restaurant they go to normally 2 times a week or so, a Mexican place called the Hacienda Del Rey. And it is some of the nicest Mexican food I’ve had! I’ve been there before, of course, but it makes me realise how un-educated we as British people are to proper, authentic Mexican food! So it was nice to have a meal out after living off of coffee for the day, which was unexpected. Big midnight screening event for New Moon tomorrow at the Howard Hughes, so I’m going along even if it’s just to refund my tickets (I draw the line at literally fighting people to get to good seats!) and see the pandemonium that will be happening! Also, I’ve started taking pictures a lot more frequently now, so I’ll eventually have a nice little collection of them going soon.

Friday 20th November: No post for yesterday, I realise that, but here’s the explanation. To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how it came around, but here’s basically what happened: I went to take the tickets for New Moon back (because as I explained, I refuse to fight people for good seats, nor que for endless hours for the pleasure of doing so), and the line for mine ISN’T as bad as I thought by the time I arrive at about 9 30-ish. But still, by this point, the fact remains that I would not be seeing it with anyone else that I knew, and whether I would get a decent seat was still an uncertainty. So I leave it (for now) and take ONE of my tickets back for a refund, which they happily give me (I hang on to the second in case anything develops…). So, I go over to Borders because there are some things that I have to get for people as Christmas presents and such, and I start talking to people who are also in line, for the same one as me, that are surprised at my wanting to take my tickets back. “Come in line with us” they say, “We’re kind of close, and we don’t mind you going in with us.” Brilliant, I think to myself, these people are really nice and they hardly know me. So, I consider the possibility of seeing it with people I don’t really know instead. By this point, I’m debating whether it’s worth being “one of the mental crowd”, salivating rabidly for a movie they aren’t seeing for another couple of hours. Anyway, I leave the que to go and see the people I said I’d come by and say hi to (Lora and her friends) who are waiting in the bar, and already have their seats in THEIR auditorium. I say that I would stay and watch the film if I could stay and watch it with them, but there’s no likelihood of doing that since they’re in the 12:01 screen and I’m not – a screen that is completely sold out. Or so I’m currently under the impression of.

SO, by this point, it’s getting to the time where I either have to 1) leave immediately to catch my very last bs back to the house, 2) stay and talk longer and then get a taxi home or 3) stay and watch the film with people I hardly know. Someone does what I normally do and irresponsibly rationalizes it for me by saying “Well, it wouldnt matter if you were NEXT to us in the screen, because we wouldn’t be talking anyway. You should see the film and then meet us after, it’s the same thing.” This is true, but its the social activity of seeing the film WITH people I know I’m searching for. By this time, the screen I DO have a ticket for has gone in, I’ve lost my place and there won’t be any good seats. I take my final ticket back, all prepared to get a taxi home by this point. But WAIT – Lora’s friend accidentally printed off her ticket as well as Lora doing so, so by default they have an “extra” ticket that isn’t really a ticket. They’re meant to be scanning these, but they arent, they’re just tearing them. So I see if I can get into the same screen with that and just find any old seat that will be semi-near the people I know. This, evidently, is a total success. After scouring the screen for anywhere that will be free, I resort to sitting in a space in between seats at the back that I assume is meant to be for disabled chairs (how they’d get to that place, I don’t know, but still…), all too happy to sit on the floor (or, again, leave before it starts) for the duration of the 2 hour film. BUT WAIT – Lora and her friends have asked the people in front of them if one of their seats is taken, and they’d saved an extra one by accident!

SO, somehow I go from being in the mindset that I won’t be seeing New Moon until after the opening weekend by which time everyone will have seen it and be talking to me about it, to seeing it WITH the people I wanted to see it with, AT a midnight showing, IN a seat which is in the middle of the row at the back (one row and one seat over from the people I know!), AND (somehow) AFTER taking my tickets back! By the time the film starts, I can hardly believe the series of events that have just passed me by, and yet I’m sat there watching the film exactly the way I had intended to originally but was denied the possibility of doing so!

Anyway, the film was totally amazing, and I’ll probably post a review of it soon (though by the time I post THIS, it would already have been posted…), but there is a valuable lesson to be learned from this strange, convoluted series of events – You never know exactly what life will put in your lap, unless you open your arms and embrace giving it a try! Well, that, and that it can be beneficial to have clever friends that are willing to pull a fast one…

* * *

 Busy, busy, rushed, hectic but ultimately lively day today. Doing all that writing in the morning set me back a bit further than I thought, and I didn’t really make it out of the house until about 2. Aimed to go into Santa Monica Third Street today to meet the person that rented my family and I our house the first week we were here, because she wanted to see how I was settling in. As it turned out, I arrived there earlier than I believed she was getting there, so I ended up having time to do stuff as well. I THOUGHT that I might be able to get some work done if I could find somewhere with the Wi-Fi to do it, but as it happened my time got taken up talking to someone very friendly that worked in one of the shops. This ultimately led to me getting precisely zero work done for the day, so Sunday looks like the day I’ll be doing all of that instead! Anyway, feels like a much longer day today despite the time I slept till. Also, I found out some rather valuable information that I might have to remember in future – if you go to a populated restaurant in Santa Monica, and you talk, you WILL get mobbed by teenagers that just love your voice!! This, of course, made me laugh quite a bit, but they were actually very nice about it. One of this group is actually an actress named Danielle who has just finished acting in a Disney Channel movie Starstruck. So, naturally, I’ll be looking out for both that movie AND her being in it once I get home to a place where I know how to work the remote!! Ok, long day over with, time for rest now.

Saturday 21st November: No set plan for how the day would go today, but that actually turned out to be a benefit to me. I ended up making it to the Westside Pavillion again in enough time to do some leisurely shopping for friends there, and managed to knock off half of my Christmas buying list there (pretty much entirely at Hot Topic as well. I really do love Hot Topic…), so a lot of that is done and not having to be worried about again. The bad news is that its taken the amount of money I had on my card right down, so I’ll have to start making some calls to banks soon in order to make some transfers. That is, if I actually want to be able to afford to do things again! Anyway, mid-afternoon comes round, and I decide to hit the Third Street Promenade again. It’s almost a different atmosphere there on the weekends when compared to the weekdays. It’s more lively, more people are out, more people are performing, and the shops don’t shut until at least 9. People are there shopping until about 11 if they can!! So I spent some time there taking in everything, and then decided to eat at this cool little place called Cabo’s Cantina, which does some basic Mexican food, a lot of Margarita’s and several huge sports screens on all the walls! It also made me realise that it would be awesome if (since we’ve started discussing it now) my friends could eventually make it out here for a bit next year with me, because thats exactly the sort of place we’d probably go and eat. On more than one occasion as well, since it was pretty reasonably priced! So, one Cabo’s, one Pinkberries and one bus ride later, and I semi-screw up the timing for the buses, and end up getting back about 30 minutes after when I would have liked at about 10-ish. But then, this is America, and places are open ’til all sorts of hours on the weekends, so 10 isn’t actually really late to be getting a bus at all. Anyway, back at the house now, and its time to sort out all the stuff I got today into one, easy-to-pack package!

Sunday 22nd November: Not quite as interesting a day today, but thats because I felt the need to do some work today. Plus, Sunday is my usual day for Skype-ing the family to check in and let them know everything is going well. It’s also normally my day for going and getting things from the shop as well, so I had to stock up on milk and stuff (resorted to toast this morning through lack of milk for cereal. These truly are the hardest of times…). So, that mixed with a bunch of work has made for a semi-productive day today. There’s meant to be a Lakers game on tonight, which I would normally get to Lora and Hans’ for, but tonight I’ve got some things I’ve got to sort out before I can sleep, and I’m trying to get a little bit more work done as well. However, the concept of watching a film before going to sleep is starting to win me over… Anyway, one half of this trip already over with. It feels almost like no time at all, but I’ve been lucky in the sense that I’ve been able to get out and do things some of the time, so that I’ve made as much of it so far as I feel I can. But, after Thanksgiving, I’m probably going to try and get out for even more things to find! Some people I know will be more available after Thanksgiving as well, so it would be good to get out with them at least once as well. And Thanksgiving itself should be interesting, too. I’ve never been a part of this holiday before, but it is one time when people get together and just eat. And people generally make all sorts of different stuff to choose from for each course as well! Anyway, it will be interesting to see what its like. Shave time now, then film methinks…


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