LISTED Film Previews – October/November ’09

Hey! Sorry it’s been a while, but I’ve been up to my eyeballs in busy stuffs! More stuff being put up here soon, hopefully, but in the meantime here’s another lot of these Film Previews I do for Listed Magazine every month – I went for a mostly Halloween-themed lot this time since its my favourite time of year! Enjoy!

SAW VI (18) (Dir. Kevin Greutert)

“You won’t believe how it ends” read the tagline for the last Saw. You bet we won’t, because it doesn’t! Whilst this looks to up the ante even further in the twisted games that Jigsaw plays, and his “grand scheme” finally comes to light, one wonders just how far things can really go now, and just how exactly Tobin Bell will appear in the film. But either way, this is definitely going to be good Halloween fodder! Just so everyone’s clear now, Saw VII and VIII ARE already planned, so there’s lots more to look forward to as well! Released 23rd October.

JENNIFER’S BODY (18) (Dir. Karyn Kusama)

Diablo Cody, the award-winning writer of Juno, brings us this new horror-comedy starring the tasty Megan Fox. When cheerleader Jennifer Check gets her body possessed and turns into a killer specialising in offing her male classmates, all hell breaks loose in her high school and it’s up to her best friend (Amanda Seyfried) to stop the horror! Plenty of gore and dark humour here, so if you enjoyed the writing in Juno, get a ticket for this! Released 6th November.


When a young Darren Shan goes to the travelling Freak Show, he meets the mysterious master of the circus (John C. Reilly) who turns out to be a Vampire. Now, Darren must leave his normal life behind to go with the Cirque Du Freak and become one of them himself. Based on the best-selling children’s books, this is family-based “horror-lite” for the slightly younger viewers wanting something new. In a similar vein of film to The Haunted Mansion, anyone that read Goosebumps would probably get a kick out of this too! Released 23rd October.

SHUTTER ISLAND (15) (Dir. Martin Scorsese)

A freaky mystery-thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio as a U.S. Marshal in 1954. Teddy Daniels (DiCaprio) is sent to investigate the disappearance of a murderess from a high security hospital for the criminally insane, on the dark and remote Shutter Island. But after his arrival, further mysteries about the inmates start unravelling, and not all is as it seems… Go and see this if you enjoy suspense-filled films with twists and turns a-plenty! Released 9th October.

UP (PG) (Dir. Pete Docter & Bob Peterson)

Taking a somewhat “lighter” note from all the horror and blood, the UK finally sees the release of new Pixar animation Up. After already being released in the US back in May, this new visual masterpiece tells the story of 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen (Edward Asner) who sets out to fulfil his dream of seeing the wilds of South Africa by tying thousands of balloons to the top of his house, but finds out shortly after that 8-year-old wilderness explorer Russell has stowed away in his home. This will be sure to please anyone who enjoyed Wall-E, and if you need a break from all the screams and shivers, then this makes for a light-hearted alternative. Released 9th October.

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