Twin Atlantic – “Vivarium”

Twin Atlantic are a little known, Ayrshire four-piece that specialise in creating strong, strange, anthemic sounds in their own brand of rock music. Similar in certain aspects to the likes of Sucioperro and Biffy Clyro, both of whom Twin Atlantic share a homeland of Scotland with (in the case of Biffy Clyro, a shared hometown!), this band is slowly but definitely on the rise and heading for some major action. And with Vivarium, their debut mini-album, that success is sure to come even quicker!

What originally interested me in Twin Atlantic was their expansive sound and their ability to write interesting, original lyrics, in much the same way that first interested me in Biffy Clyro. Vivarium also contains the first song of theirs that really caught me, What is Light? Where is Laughter?, but this isn’t even the most popular song on this mini-album. Album opener Lightspeed is their most recent single and it sets the album off at the perfect pitch, with singer Sam McTrusty’s (and yes, that IS his real name!!) clear vocals and strong accent bringing more to their innovative sound than any other instruments really could.

You’re Turning Into John Wayne is another utterly fantastic song filled with quiet-loud/stop-start explosions of expansive guitars, with the conscientious theme of people moving to the “land of opportunity” and losing their heritage in the process. What is Light? Where is Laughter? hits you in much the same way that Biffy Clyro’s Saturday Superhouse did the first time I heard it, and there are some beautiful turn-of-phrases in there, such as “I’m over and over and over and out” and is a genuinely great showpiece of what Twin Atlantic  are capable of doing between just the four of them. Audience and Audio is one of their previously released songs as well, but this too is a brilliantly emotive song, technical in its creation and engaging in its sound, whilst Better Weather is a fantastic album closer, starting off with the right kind of bang that an album should go out on, but also finishing with a beautifully crafted part of just simply guitar/vocal work. Just the right touch of both to end an album on.

Even though Vivarium is only 8 songs long and only clocks in at just over a half-hour, it’s still says as much about the band, their roots, their style and their ambitions as any full-length debut would, and proves that Twin Atlantic are definitely a band to watch out for in your local areas, especially if you’re into Biffy Clyro’s style of the strange and symphonic all at once!


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