Why am I not at Download Festival?

That’s right – the largest rock, punk and metal festival of the year, taking in 3 different stages over a 3 day weekend, with some of the biggest names in their respective genres from around the globe gracing the stages in Donington, the home of this festival for the last few decades, and I’m not there to see it. Why, I hear you ask, are you not at this monumental annual occasion? Well, there’s a number of reasons really – the cost of the tickets plus camping passes for the weekend is a tad high, but not TOO high, but is still a contributing factor. Possibly more so for my friends who are flat broke from being students, which is another reason I’m not there right now. Plus, I don’t have a tent, so I’d currently be sleeping rough for the next few days. Still, it would almost be worth braving just for the majority of the line-up this year. So, instead, I’ve decided to log on and leave a post about it. I may throw in some other things; I’ll see how I feel…

I’m mainly disappointed I couldn’t make it for the headlining band that will be on the Main Stage in literally a few hours time from now. The reunion of Faith No More has been a widely talked about happening this year, and the fact that their headlining show at Download Festival 2009 is one of only two shows they’ll be doing in the UK (the other one was two nights ago at London’s Brixton Academy, and sold out in minutes. Mostly to people who already had Download tickets, as well!!) makes their show tonight one that shouldn’t be missed. Even a majority of the other bands that are playing are going to be watching them, as many of them were influenced by Faith No More when growing up. So, the fact I’m currently missing Faith No More is a bit sad, but not completely disheartening. After all, there are loads of other bands there that I’m also going to be missing! There’s far too many to name here, but some of the bigger names that appear are bands like Motley Crue, Main Stage Day 2 headliners Slipknot and Day 3 headliners Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Black Stone Cherry, two of my newer, most listened to bands right now The Blackout and The Answer, and of course the legends that are Journey! Such awesome bands playing in one place over three days makes me very jealous of the few people I know who have gone up there for the whole weekend! Oh, well…

Anyway, I went to see Terminator: Salvation the other day, and I have to say that I was hoping it would be good but at the same time expecting it to suck (that’s mostly because Wolverine destroyed my faith, though). But after watching it all the way through, my hopes for it being good were fulfilled pretty well! It’s not an amazing film, I didn’t come out of it immediately wanting to go watch it again, but at the same time I wouldn’t have any trouble doing so. For those that haven’t seen it yet, I may be about to reveal some spoilers, but overall it was a very tight and sound film. Plus, it was better than Terminator 3, but that’s really more of a bonus and, let’s face it, isn’t really hard to achieve! The fact that it doesn’t really “end” as such was a tad disappointing, because they leave it as such at the end that you know it’s going to keep going for another few films. Although, when Christian Bale signed on to this film, he made it clear that he signed on to another two after this so it was at least slightly expected that it would be left as a more open ending.

As the film progresses, you kind of see where things are about to go with the character of Marcus Wright. The fact that he even comes into play when he’s meant to be dead makes you immediately suspicious that he’s a Terminator, and the twist at the end that he’s been used by Skynet the whole way through is a tad obvious, and that he rebels against Skynet anyway is only to be expected (because, he obviously has to save the day!). What I did NOT see coming, however, was the T-800 towards the end that attacks John Connor. Only it’s not JUST a T-800, it’s a T-800 that looks EXACTLY like Arnie from the first Terminator! Of course, it’s not actually The Governator in the film, but a mixture of CGI, face recognition and (as I learned from someone today) footage from the first Terminator imposed into the film. Still, it had to be done really, because it just wouldn’t be a Terminator film without it! As for the rest of the film, it wasn’t incredible, but it was engaging. The bits with the giant machines and various models of Terminators being destroyed in increasingly more adventurous ways is fun, and the meeting between John Connor and Kyle Reese is an essential part of the storyline. But towards the end, you tend to think of two things – 1) Where are they going to go in the next film? and 2) When are they going to get around to inventing Time Travel to send Kyle Reese back in time? But that’s probably where they’re going for the next films anyway, so it’s just a case of wait-and-see really! I’d give Terminator: Salvation about a 7/10, because they probably could have made it a bit better, but it didn’t suck, so that’s a bonus!

Anyway, I’m done for the evening now, so I’m going to go away and think about how awesome it would be to be watching Faith No More right now, but how terrible it would be to have to shower using a watering can tomorrow morning!


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