The Answer – “Everyday Demons”

Everyday Demons is the second album from the awesome rock band The Answer, and I’ve wanted to listen to it for quite a while since I got hooked on their sound after hearing their song Never Too Late off of Guitar Hero! I loved that song, and I thought it showed some real talent and originality from a band that are literally showing their influences as plain as day! The Answer sound like they should hail from somewhere Deep South-wise, but they’re Northern Irish, so they’re much closer to the homeland of rock and roll than some people realise. This band are SO good and SO talented, in fact, that they were actually handpicked by AC/DC PERSONALLY to open for them on their current European Tour! Now, you can’t really get much cooler than that!

The vocals of Cormac Neeson are really what first caught me about this band (that, and the mind-blowing guitar-work of Paul Mahon, who shreds with the best of them without breaking a sweat!) – sounding like the bastard child of Robert Plant and Brian Johnson, he can hit some notes men only dare to venture to and hold them. This guys vocals are so great, it’s like having crack for your ears!

Everyday Demons is a great example of The Answer’s sound, and what they’re about as a band – and what they’re about is proper, old-school hard rock! It’s so easy, at certain points in the record, to see why they were picked by AC/DC, because with the combination of deep bass grooves, sky-high vocals and riffs that grab you by the throat and never let go, The Answer are so easily accessible for anyone that has ever been into bands like Led Zeppelin or AC/DC, or still are. The song Demon Eyes sets the bar for the rest of the record, as after about 30 seconds into the song, a wall of sound comes at you as everything kicks in at once, and the pace continues into the songs Too Far Gone and (my favourite of the record) On And On, a song so feel-good it’s nearly impossible to not smile about!

The subject matter of Everyday Demons does take a turn for the darker at times, since it can’t always be good times and hard rock. The songs Cry Out and Why’d You Change Your Mind flow into one another, and deal with some strong issues (namely, someone’s attempted/successful suicide), but everything is brought back into the light with the anthemic, ascending riffs of Pride. Dead Of The Night is a fantastic song about what it’s like drinking in Belfast (a subject matter that The Answer know all about!) and Comfort Zone  is a wonderful love-song ballad that could please stadium goers everywhere, and where you actually hear Cormac Neeson’s Irish accent in-song. However, it is very rare that you get a record without a duff song, and on Everyday Demons  that comes in the form of Tonight. I don’t know what it was about this song, but it didn’t sit right with me. It was as if The Answer  had slipped away from their true influences and went all Bon Jovi. This, I thought, wasn’t the right sound for them – as if they were pushing it too much on a record that flows so easily for them. Besides that, Everyday Demons is a total gem of a record.

In short, this band is going places. REALLY going places. There seems to be a whole wave of so-called “Trad-rock” going on with bands like Airbourne (who are sound so much like AC/DC, it’s enough to convince you about human cloning!) going around, but The Answer really stand out for me as a genuinely original rock band, taking their clear influences and doing their own thing – complete with energy, talent by the sack load and lyrics that can really solidify their originality.


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