LISTED Film Previews – May/June ’09

Or, as I have unofficially dubbed it, “Geekfest ’09” for the sheer amount of sci-fi related ventures that the production companies are apparently indulging in this summer! Anyway, as always, I hope you enjoy. (Disclaimer – these WERE written months ago, in advance. So, if any details are not to your liking, or I haven’t portrayed an “accurate” enough picture for you – suck it up! When you’ve only got teaser trailers, a synopsis and a 500 word limit, you dont have much to work with, alright?!)

X-MEN ORIGINS – WOLVERINE: Hugh Jackman is back as the one mutant wrecking machine known as Wolverine in the origin story of arguably the most famous X-Men character ever! Including other characters such as the lady-magnet Gambit, The Blob, the perfectly cast Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, and Liev Schreiber as Wolverine’s nemesis Sabretooth. Staying true to the original character and storyline, this looks set to please all comic book followers and action junkies – essentially, this is the film X:3 really should have been! Definitely a must-see – Snikt! Released April 29th

DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION: The popular anime series gets its live action Hollywood make-over this year and, depending on its success, could helm the production for many others. A young Goku has to collect the seven mystical Dragonballs before the evil Lord Piccolo can destroy the Earth for his own evil needs. Confusing? This whole film will obviously make more sense and be a lot more appealing for those that were originally into the anime series (when they were about 12), but otherwise it might be best to research it if you’re adamant to see it. Released April 8th

STAR TREK: Resurrecting the popular original ‘60’s series is JJ Abrams, most famous for his work on Lost and Cloverfield. But don’t expect any mysteries and double-meanings in his work this time, just s sheer effects driven re-imagining of the series that put geeks on the map! Starring Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk, Zachary “Sylar” Quinto as Spock and (rather interestingly) Simon Pegg as Scotty, this film shall boldly go where no film has gone before (And not to mention, splitting those infinitives!). Released May 8th

TERMINATOR – SALVATION: Taking place years after T:3, Christian Bale takes up the mantle of future saviour John Connor as he continues to struggle against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future he has been raised to believe in may be altered in part by the appearance of stranger Marcus Wright. What does he have to do with the future of Skynet? How does his life affect Connor’s? Will they be able to stop Skynet again before humanity is doomed? Will there ACTUALLY be any Terminating in it? Only time will tell. Released June 5th

ANGELS & DEMONS: An adaptation of the highly successful prequel novel to The DaVinci Code has now been made into a, erm, sequel of the last film, which is almost as confusing as the book was. Regardless, Tom Hanks returns as Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, this time working to solve a murder and prevent a terrorist act against the Vatican by the ancient brotherhood Illuminati. Released May 15th

TRANSFORMERS – REVENGE OF THE FALLEN: The Decepticons are back – and they want Vengeance! After the first film, Starscream returned to Cybertron and gathered Decepticon forces to attack Earth. But this time, Optimus Prime and the Autobots are ready and waiting with forces of their own, and working together with the international armies! If you thought the first one was good, or just enjoy seeing giant robots smashing the snot out of each other, make sure you see this – trust me, it’s more than meets the eye! (Oooh, no he didn’t! Sorry…) Released June 26th

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