LISTED Review – People In Planes @ Hamptons – 2/4/09

The Hamptons hasn’t always been a venue with music as its primary demographic, but now it’s on the rise as one of Southampton’s main performance venues with their ever increasing list of big names putting on shows in their intimate space. And tonight’s performance from People In Planes may well soon stand as one of the names that reaches that list. After supporting such bands as Biffy Clyro, Funeral For A Friend and Stereophonics, they are out on a headlining tour of the UK in intimate, almost claustrophobic, venues such as this.

After the first support slot from an almost irritatingly dreary local band that had the small handful of people that actually turned up early watching the wall art rather than the stage, another local band named Plastic Toys get the evening off to the pace that it rightly ought to be. They take to the stage with conviction, armed with groove-laden rock n’ roll that demands proper interest from the crowd. They bring out the deep grooves mixed with their unique techno influenced undertones here and there that clearly give them their edge. Picture, if you will, Velvet Revolver fighting 30 Seconds To Mars, and you’re close to what they sound like. Definitely watch out for them in the future, because they’re going places!

Next to the stage is the main support band Prego, who clearly pride themselves on making atmospheric music placed in a higher register that gets people swaying and chanting along. Very Angels And Airwaves to start with until they pick up pace a little.

South Wales is a place that is gradually becoming more and more known for its rock music community. Spawning such recent bands as Attack! Attack!, The Blackout and Bullet For My Valentine, as well as two of the three bands tonight’s headliners have already supported, People In Planes are sure to be another big name in that community. Creating energetic and fast-paced music from the start, they sound pretty different live than their MySpace recordings would suggest, their hard grooving melodic rock clearly showing why they’ve been chosen to support such big names already.

From the start, it’s hard to immediately compare People In Planes to any other band, since no two songs in most of their set tonight sound entirely the same. Once they play their biggest song If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode), you can see how they could almost be the cousins of The Automatic, but their keys and sampling add an unusual edge to their sound.

When asked to describe their music in 3 words, bass player Kris states “To Be Continued” rather ominously. “We vary it up a lot and get a general mix put together. We don’t really argue about the music at all because of what each of us brings to the table.” This, if anything, shows that their originality speaks for itself.

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