The Times, They Are A-Changin’

No, it’s not because I’m in a particularly Bob Dylan kind of mood today (sadly, I don’t think I have enough of him in my music collection when I really ought to. I should sort that out.). It’s more to do with the changes, or more accurately “additions”, I’m making to this page right now and some more to happen soon.

Firstly (and FINALLY) there are photos up. I know, its taken me long enough, but they’re finally up there now! No, not next to this, at the top of the page. Yes, there. In the Pages section. Do you know how a website works?! Anyway, they’re uploaded now, with many thanks to the people that helped make it all possible: Lauren Elliot, the actual photographer that did them, and Leahanna Henson for telling me (via MSN, I might add) how to change the file type into one that I can upload onto the Web-based Media Library just using Paint (Thanks Leah, I know I must sound dense, but I promise you I’m not!). I would like to mention that some pixels were lost in the transfer, but not a huge amount so they’re not awful quality or anything. Just, if you do happen to notice some missing pixels, don’t blame anyone but me and my rubbish ability at transferring pictures!

Secondly, I’m wanting to change the header of this website so that the first thing people see when they come on here ISN’T a scary-ass picture of me dressed as The Joker. No matter how cool it was. That will be moved to the About Me page, where I’m sure it will feel a lot more at home and make many new friends.

Also, if you haven’t already seen it, there is an actual professional CV up on that page now as well, so anyone reading this that has any professional interest in what I do, please feel free to drop me a line.

Other things that will hopefully be going up soon include: Vocal Demos (if and when we get some recorded, complete with backing track or instrumental accompaniment if my Tutor feels like joining in!), I’ve been thinking about putting a couple of tattoo designs I did for a couple of friends up here as well, as always there will be the Listed Magazine film previews soon and any other interviews I happen to be able to do for them going up.

Finally, it’s my Birthday soon. Yes, scary I know, but I’ll be 22 soon which pretty much means I’ll have to start acting like an Adult, even if its just to fool people for a bit. But the main point of that is that there should be some party times on the horizon, and naturally any decent CD’s I happen to get in the process will get the full reviewing treatment on here as well!

Basically, I’m just going to keep fuelling this page with posts and updates and the like, but for now I hope that the pictures will be enough to tide you over! Enjoy!


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