Unsigned Band Of The Month – Today’s Eden

Ok, so it’s a blatant steal from Radio 1, and it’s unlikely to become a regular thing, but here is a review of a friends unsigned band that I went to check out called Today’s Eden:

Today’s Eden isn’t a name a lot of people will know. They’re not a band that appears regularly in magazines, nor are they touring the USA or selling out stadiums. What they are doing, however, is making a lot of music and having fun doing it.

Once it’s time for them to start, and after a falsely timed start, they are off to a slow, building, dramatic intro to their set. Once the music starts rolling, their bouncy vocals and smooth lyrics meld seamlessly into the choruses. Catchy, simple songs are what Today’s Eden are all about, but even these simple songs still have complex, building breakdowns that lead into final crescendos.

Performing live, they put across exactly what their songs are about. Singer Abi’s sweet, girlish vocals are counteracted by bassist Wil’s hammering shouts on the more aggressive songs, whilst guitarist Mark stands to the side and creates the strange, otherworldly sounds that are the turning point of the songs.

Being a four piece rock band with, quite frankly, a rather distracting front woman, Today’s Eden run the obvious risk of the Paramore comparisons. Lucky for them, then, that Paramore are just one of their many influences, but this is only partly reflected in their sound. There are chunks of early day Paramore material here and there, but it is clearly not the main basis for their sound, especially not live. There are clear slices of certain influences in part – some of 30 Seconds to Mars’ more dramatic, grandiose moments contrast to some of The Used punchy riffs and vocals. It’s their 80’s rock and roll-inspired grooves and the emotive vocals that give Today’s Eden their main unique edge, though. Picture Alice in Chains being fronted by Alanis Morissette, then you’re close to Today’s Eden‘s live sound. Abi, after relaxing into her position on-stage during the set, flows about along with the music. In between songs, Wil interacts with the audience the most, enthusing them to get their copy of the CD and to stick around for the other bands. The usual kind of banter, but it works.

Outside after the show, the atmosphere is relaxed – Abi’s lighting a cigarette, drummer Lushy is talking with people, Mark has taken his Plus One home and Wil is on Facebook.

What would you say are your main influences?

Abi: The good thing about that is that we’re all completely different in our tastes. I’m into everything from Paramore, Flyleaf to 80’s rock.

Wil: Lushy is very much Drum and Bass, Mark likes all sorts, and I’m a lot more early 2000’s punk.

How do you go about promoting yourselves on a low budget?

Abi: MySpace and Facebook! That’s it. And I text people about our shows, but we get a lot of publicity from MySpace.

How did you get together?

Wil: I formed a covers band last year, which was pretty much all of us, and two other people

Abi: I joined a little later, and then it all got a bit much. Our guitarist started his own band and focused on that, and then we met Mark through him.

Where do you intend to go from here in the short term?

Wil: Playing gigs anywhere we can, really. But it’s mostly about having fun playing them for us.

Abi: We’re doing some recording in the summer, as well as making a music video – but that’s a big secret, so SHH!

Who would you most like to play alongside/support?

Wil: Can I give an answer for everyone? Abi would be Paramore, obviously; Mark would be Rage Against The Machine or Hell Is For Heroes, I would support Thin Lizzy (even though they’re dead), and Lushy?

Lushy: (Thinks hard) I’d have to say 30 Seconds to Mars.

Lastly, how will you know if you make it big?

Wil: Two words – Warped Tour!

Abi: When we play a big show and everyone is singing the songs back to us. Or when I get my own mic stand like Jonathan Davies from KoRn!

Lushy: When I don’t have to set up my own bloody drums!

Wil: Also, it might sound really cliché, but we kind of already have. This, for us, is pretty sweet as it is.

And it’s with that last comment that Today’s Eden are summed up – a young band with unusual influences, making music they like and have fun performing wherever and whenever they can, making the most of each show. And at the end of that day, that’s what being part of a band is all about, surely.

To hear more from Today’s Eden, check out their MySpace at www.myspace.com/todayseden  or at www.todayseden.co.uk !


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