My Name Is Bruce

Ok, so it isn’t really Bruce, but after last night I sort of wish that it was! I was able to get to a one-off cinema screening of the new film My Name Is Bruce last night. The best part is that is has Bruce Campbell playing the role of – wait for it – BRUCE CAMPBELL!

The basic synopsis of the film is that a small town in the middle of nowhere (Population 339, and falling!) is set upon by the curse of an Ancient Chinese Protector of the Dead (and Bean Curd) called Guan Di, who has started killing the folk of Gold Lick and won’t stop until they’re all dead. So one young horror film fan takes it upon himself to call in the one man who can save them – Bruce Campbell. The only thing is, there’s a case of mistaken identity when everyone believes he really is the legendary hero from Evil Dead, and not the washed-up, borderline alcoholic actor he is now!

The whole point of this film is obviously to poke fun at B-Movies, and in particular some of the films that Bruce Campbell himself has done, despite how huge a cult following such films as The Evil Dead Trilogy and Bubba Ho-Tep now have. But it’s all well and good, because this whole film was concocted by Campbell himself, and he’s even directed it as well. The film as a whole is a lot more easily accessible than I first thought it might be – as long as you know who Bruce Campbell is and what he’s done, you’re likely to enjoy the film and its quirks. If you’re already a fan of Evil Dead or Bubba Ho-Tep or anything like that, then there are in-jokes that you will notice that just add to the comedic appeal of this spoof B-Movie. Also, Ted Raimi (brother of Evil Dead director Sam Raimi) makes multiple appearances as various characters, so its good to watch out for those!

One of the most appealing aspects of My Name Is Bruce is the general mix of comedy that it has going on. It would have been VERY easy for the people behind this film to rely entirely on physical comedy, or the use of in-jokes that would alienate a lot of people. But instead there are some genuinely funny lines, and the character that Bruce Campbell makes himself out to be is not only hilarious in general, but also brilliant in its satirical reflection of a modern day Hollywood and is shallow falseness in movie making.

Possibly the greatest thing about My Name Is Bruce, however, is its sheer effortlessness in being a spoof. B-Movies in general are laughable, but the fact that this is a film with a B-Movie heart blown just the right amount out of proportion means that you can laugh at people getting killed in horrific ways and not feel guilty about it (well, less guilty than usual), which makes for the perfect mix of comedy and gore, no matter how fake it might look!

Overall, this is a fantastically thought out spoof film, and if you enjoyed films like Shaun Of The Dead or Bubba Ho-Tep, then you MUST see this film. And I defy you to not sing the theme song afterwards! Worthy of a 7/10 – Groovy!


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