LISTED Film Previews – March/April ’09

Here are some more of the Film Previews I write for Listed Magazine, this time for March and April releases. As always, there are these previews and lots of other stuff at!

GRAN TORINO: It seems like a REALLY long time since we’ve seen good old Mr. Eastwood grace our screens with either direction OR his acting, but this looks like it might be worth the wait! This sees his return to the screen as leading man AND as director at the same time (so, obviously, making up for some lost time!), playing a disgruntled Korean War veteran who forms a bond with his young teenage Hmong neighbour after he attempts to reform him after he steals his most prized possession – his 1972 Gran Torino. Definitely expect some bad-ass attitude, but also plenty of Oscars worthy direction and scenes from Clint “Dirty Harry” Eastwood himself! Released February 27th

RACE TO WITCH MOUNTAIN: Another remake of a classic, this time by a slightly different name but altogether same storyline. However, on this outing, Disney has some things they didn’t have first time round: Special Effects, a better script, more special effects, a better audience and even more special effects. Oh, and The Rock, naturally (seems he may have a licence with Disney now!). Expect a family adventure film more along the lines of National Treasure rather than something like Bolt, what with all the explosions and aliens galore (as you’d expect from a Rock film!). Released April 10th

WATCHMEN: Definitely a film that carries enough potential to be the film of the year in a similar league to “The Dark Knight” last year. This is the adaptation of the classic graphic novel that all fans have been waiting for! Set in an alternate version of 1985, the sudden murder of ex-hero The Comedian drives hardened vigilante Rorschach to investigate the motives behind his death, reuniting him with his old team of colleagues. What they find, however, leads them to a conspiracy about their past and catastrophic events in the future. Directed by Zack Snyder (300), and boasting a trailer that re-creates a very firm sense of the graphic novel that has fan boys everywhere blogging their hearts out, this is a definite must-see – full stop! Released March 6th

As published in Listed Magazine Issue 16 –


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