The Weird World of Contact Lenses.

Yes, it’s true, I tried something totally different today. After wearing glasses nearly my entire life, I finally decided to give contacts a try. My optician told me that I could do a months trial of them totally for free, so I thought I’d give it a try and see how they felt, since my current glasses haven’t been the right prescription for nearly a year (apparently – no wonder I was getting headaches!).

So I turn up for the trial (I get the full prescription type of lenses soon, complete with solutions and all the extra guff that goes with it), and I’m thinking “This won’t be so bad, it’ll be like I’m not wearing anything, and I can just drop them in and pop them out again.” However, you know that when someone gets too close to your eye with your finger, and you instinctively want to pull away because you know how it will feel if someone pokes you in the eye? Yeah, that’s EXACTLY what its like! I had to withstand someone literally putting pieces of plastic in my eyes, and then getting used to the feeling of them being in there! Once they’re in, its not too bad – it would be pretty hard to focus sometimes (because you’re not usually the same prescription for glasses as you are for contacts, because of the gap between the lenses, apparently) and I’d actually FEEL like there was something in my eye, and it didn’t feel right, but overall it was much like seeing normally.

And then they had to be taken out. I wasn’t sure exactly how they normally get taken out, but what I didn’t realise was that you had to use TWO FINGERS to take them out! That’s two fingers – IN MY EYES! So, anyway, my eyes are a bit sore and I think it’s going to take some getting used to, but I’ll make my mind up about keeping them at the end of the trial.

Anyway, I’ve seen that this page is gradually getting more views, so it’s good to see that there are people out there actually reading, and that’s cool. So, as a thank you, I’m working really hard on some stuff to go up here very soon for everyone to look at! Some band reviews, some more CD’s/Films, hopefully some professional-style photos, and more! So, keep checking back, and once again Thanks For Reading!


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