Coheed And Cambria – “In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3”

This is the second record in the back catalogue of the prog-rock-metal machine that IS Coheed And Cambria. Hailing from New York, the quartet that was then made up of Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever, Michael Todd and then-drummer Joshua Eppard (ex-Dillinger Escape Plan sticksman Chris Pennie now takes his place) focus on making music that entirely breaks away from the norm. Claudio Sanchez set out with a story in mind – a story set in a far off universe, and focuses on the characters of Coheed Kilgannon and his wife Cambria. This is the epic Science Fiction saga known as The Amory Wars. Those who are already fans of Coheed And Cambria will know that the epic story spans across all four of their albums. They are also likely to know that Claudio Sanchez has recently made The Amory Wars into a series of graphic novels of the same name, Volume One of which I think is fantastic!

What first prompted me to buy this album was that it had one of my favourite ever Coheed And Cambria songs A Favour House Atlantic on it. However, you can tell its a Prog-Rock album when it runs for 70 minutes! For the most part, this album is as dynamic and challenging to the ears as Coheed And Cambria have ever been, not being as easily accessible as their latest offering No World For Tomorrow (technically Part Two of Good Apollo I’m Burning Star IV), which is more of a straight forward metal offering that climaxes into grandeur towards the end of the album. What’s mostly unfortunate about In Keeping Secrets Of Silent Earth: 3 is that although the songs have great lyrics and they’re dynamic in their content, they’re all dynamic in a similar sounding way. What I mean to say is, the sound isn’t so diverse on this offering. Songs such as The Crowing are excellent – towards the end there are some amazing harmonies going towards the end, and it’s easily one of the songs you want to hear again straight away (Note – The title is also very important in Amory Wars…), but this is hard to find again on the record. Cuts Marked in the March Of Men is a track favoured by many fans, and The Camper Velorium III: Al The Killer has some similar “proggy” dynamics in  the music as before, which is good, but it’s almost not enough to please. The album is brought back SO much by A Favour House Atlantic, even if it is by far the shortest track on the album due to its pace and urgency – which is a shame, because after hearing it, you want more of it!

Overall, this is definitely a vital part of The Amory Wars story and Coheed And Cambria‘s album progress. However, if you want a good example of Coheed And Cambria‘s work, I do suggest you go and get their debut album The Second Stage Turbine Blade. That’s not to say that Silent Earth: 3 isn’t any good – it really is. It’s intelligent, it’s dynamic (for the most part) and it’s sure as hell challenging on the musical front, but it’s just lacking that diversity, uplifting ambiance and urgency that was so present in Second Stage Turbine Blade, and made it such a great debut album. The thing with Silent Earth: 3 is that you’re not left wondering what will be coming next, as you are on Second Stage Turbine Blade. But I do like this album, and it’s good to have if you’re a fan or if you want the whole story together!


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