Kerrang! Tour 2009 – Part The First.

It’s that time of year again! The time of year when Kerrang! Magazine gather together they’re favourite bands of the recent months, and some on the verge of the big time, and put them on their massive Relentless Energy Drink sponsored tour around the UK for the entire month of January.

Last years Kerrang! Tour provided much excitement to me, not only because it was the first time that Madina Lake came to my neck of the woods to the Southampton Guildhall, but also because the prog-gods that ARE Coheed And Cambria were headlining the tour as well! (For the record, it was totally worth standing outside afterwards to have Claudio Sanchez sign my poster!)

There’s always high expectations for the next Kerrang! Tour, and there’s always rumours and scepticism surrounding the line-up each year. So much more so this year, as although the bands In Case Of Fire (Irish rock band with such booming riffs, it could create a mini-fissure in the Guildhall’s floor!) and Black Tide who rock so hard they could be easily mistaken for a (very) young incarnation of Iron Maiden, the other bands on the bill such as Bring Me The Horizon and Dir en grey have caused a bit of controversy, as they don’t seem to be going down well with most people, especially after the bad publicity Bring Me The Horizon have suffered last year. But this is nothing compared to the headliners Mindless Self Indulgence. Never has there been a better example of a “Marmite” band – you really do either love them and totally get them, or you just don’t!

Anyway, I’ll be putting more down about this, as hopefully I’ll be doing a live review of this show on the 18th for Listed magazine, and possibly/hopefully even an interview with Black Tide (yey!!). So, if you’re going to be there then let me know, and if you’re not going then check up here regularly to see what you missed!

Until the 18th, farewell!


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